Monday, September 15, 2008

SURPRISE, not really, wait yes really!!

Weeks ago, my friend Emily invited me to go shopping because there was this awesome baby sale...However every time I'd ask what store or where, she never had answers. Well as time got closer I realized I totally could NOT go shopping. I don't have money so for me to go shopping would be pointless, in my world there is no such thing as 'window shopping'. Joe was adamant about me going. At first I figured it was just because I don't go out all the time like I used to, so I just explained that I didn't really want to because I wouldn't have fun shopping if I didn't have money...what was the point? After he kept pushing the issue, I realized that he wanted me out of the house...I got a little excited because he'd been talking about a piano and dishwasher lately so I suspected that maybe he'd gotten me one and wanted to have it in the house for when I returned. So I said I'd go...but then I kept going back and forth, I didn't want to go. Finally the time for the sale came up and I really really didn't want to go. I had to explain it to Joe that it was like me telling an alcoholic to go to the bar, smell the alcohol watch other drink it, but don't taste it or drink any. Freaking near impossible, right? He kept pushing, but finally I convinced him that there was really no way I was going to go. I'd either say that Ivy or myself got sick and wasn't going to make it. (I get in these moods lately where I really don't want to go out, not even just for lunch or for anything...I just want to stay home, alone. I guess I was in one of those moments). So then as his last resort, he told me that my friends had planned a surprise baby shower for me. I felt very guilty for being selfish and not wanting to go out with my it was a good thing that he told me to prep me and get me in a good mood for the next day so that I wouldn't be in a "dreadful" mood.
We got to my mom's house to 'pick up a friend who was going to go shopping with us' but there wasn't any cars, so at that point I figured that we must be the first ones to get there and everyone would show up friends do tend to always be late so this made sense to me. We walked down the hallway to sit in the living room and "SURPRISE" there was a room full, full, of people. It was a surprise! I had expected only a small group of my friends to be there, not my gramma's, aunts, cousins, co-workers, out-of-town friends, mom's friends. It was so awesome! I really was surprised without being totally thrown off guard and risk embarrasement. My friends are great, and of course so is my mom for helping them and supplying a place to have it. I got so many wonderful gifts...I had the big things from Ivy so now I think I'm totally set and ready to have this baby. We got plenty of clothes, jammies, blankets and necessities. The nice thing is too, we got a good variety of sizes so it'll last the first year...Remember this Trichelle, you have plenty to get you through the first year!
I had a blast and am so glad that so many people came out to support me. It was really one of the best surprises ever!


Melissa said...

Trichelle, I'm glad you had a good time! I'm sorry I didn't make it....but sounds like you had a great group show up! I can't wait to see your little guy! btw, I've been collecting some cute things for a newborn session be prepared to let me take some pictures he he..

Shari said...

Wished we could have been there to support you. Taylor really wanted to come. Sounds like it was lots of fun. Send us pictures, ormake sure to post someon your blog so we can see the new guy!