Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm freaking are Joe and Ivy

Let me just tell you about my wonderful day.
I got out of bed about 8:15 to tell Joe good-bye, then I popped some frozen waffles in the toaster, and hurried to strip the bed of the sheets before my waffles burned. (I made it right in time) I ate breakfast then decided I had better start my day productive so that I don't get caught up being lazy which usually happens.
I started a load of laundry, then went to clean out my closet again....I'd went through Ivy's clothes a few weeks ago, and mine a week or so ago, but knew that there were still somethings in there to get rid of. I was right. I weeded out a few more things, and quite a few pairs of shoes...I'm still sad about getting rid of the shoes, but I can't keep everything. So then I decided it was time to move Ivy's toys in the closet and get them out of her room (it's overflowing with stuff lining every single wall). I made room and put the toy shelf in my closet, which made me have to rearrange quite a bit of other things, then while I was doing that I ended up moving her books in there too (I have shelves that they fit perfectly on). Her room looked so much better, bigger. Then I decided I'd do her drawers, because they are disastrous, I let her put her own jammies and panties and socks and anything else in there. AH, her room is awesome; still crowded but much much better!
(Oh and on a side note, part of the motivation behind me being determined to do something productive, Joe had cleaned up the house and yard while I was at work on Saturday, which was a big chore because I just feel like we have no space for anything so all the gifts from the baby shower were just out in the living room, but he made room for everything in the tops of the closets and other great places that are just too high for me to reach so I don't put anything up there) Anyways, I did a couple more loads of laundry and went through some more things from our bedroom and got that tidied up a bit. When Daniel dropped off Ivy he needed a box from my garage, so we opened that, then I found my next project: sort through Ivy's old clothing and get things that I can give away and things I wanna keep. I brought in bag after bag after bag and a few boxes. Ivy and I sorted through all that stuff and got new bags labeled. It made me really think that I do want another girl, the clothes are just so cute, but knowing me I'd end up just wanting to buy new things cuz the style has changed just enough that I'd "need" the new. I finally finished all that around 3:45, sat down and put in "Made of Honor". 15 minutes into the show the front door opened and in walked Joe.
He called a guy who had some desks/tables listed on KSL that he'd spoke to the night before about trading something that we have for the tables that he has. The guy asked where we lived so he could decide if he'd deliver them, when Joe told him which street we lived on he said that he did too; turns out he lives 2 houses away. Since I'm the best neighbor, I of course knew this....yah right. I don't know anyone I live by, well I know a few but not much about them, I'm not friendly. So we were able to walk over and get the 2 tables and he came and looked at some things to trade. So little Mr. Motivated Joe pulled out the kitchen table and all my crap that was on it; I tried to help but started having strong Braxton hicks contactions (I get those everytime I work with out taking a break for very long) so I sat and watched him move all my stamps, papers, and other scrapbooking tools. The floor in there was absolutely disgusting, there were a few dead flys, moths, and I think even a hornet. I cleaned the floor and Joe set up the tables. Then we had to make room in the garage for the kitchen table, so while we w ere out there I figured we might as well get my other craft things that I want in the house. Joe brought it all in for me and told me to get to work....after much work: Joe had the entire garage organized and cleaned out (which was awfully messy and my much dreaded task), I had all my crafts supplies separated, and Ivy made a big huge mess in the living room with stickers and paper. We were all exhausted! But my goodness it looks amazing. I'm so excited!! I still need to organize all my things in my "crafting nook" but just to have it all in there and have a spot for it is awesome. Ivy was so excited about her bedroom being organized and sharing the closet with me. As for Joe, I'm sure he's not excited but....he sure did make me happy.

Time to relax, oh no wait.....I can't relax when it's 7:30 p.m. and Ivy is covered in dirt from head to toe. We needed to get her in the bath and do our little nightime routine. So I was in the bathroom bathing Ivy and I'd pulled up my shirt (I was adjusting my pants) to where my entire belly was exposed. Ivy smiled really big and said "Oh Mom, I love your belly." LOL. I just laughed and said "Yes, Ivy isn't it beautiful?" "Yes" she replied. She was so serious and sincere it just made my heart smile. I love that kid!!

I had a great day...weekend....I'm just loving my life.

I'll post pictures after I get the finishing touches on organizing my things....should've taken before pics so you could see what an improvement it is, but those of you who have been to my house it'll be completely obvious how much better it is:)


hadfam5 said...

OMG, are you crazy, you are way to pregnant to be doing all that, look who is nesting haha. Sounds like an eventful weekend, you are too cute. Miss ya girl. Can't wait to see some pictures. By the way I have a baby gift for you, sorry I couldn't make it to the babyshower, I felt so bad, but we were in vegas. Keep in touch. Shauna

Dawn said...

sounds like you got a ton done. Joe you are a "get to it now" guy. I'm excited to come see. It feels good to get so much accomplished huh? Good For You All!

Shari said...

When are you coming over to my house? I could use some good organizing done. :-) As for kids clothes, soon as they grow out of it, it is out the door. No need to keep it. I would be like you, too. Always wanting new clothes for the kids. Like you said they are so darn cute.

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

I think it is so nice to have everything organized, it is like a stress relief, but it is just getting the dang motivation to do it! Can I borrow Joe for a little while? I swear I will give him back! :)

Starley Family said...

Wow! I think the nesting phase has kicked in...Unbelievable girlie. You are welcome to come to my place anytime!
PS I am excited to see photos.