Friday, September 12, 2008


Fat: having too much flabby tissue
Broad: Slang.
a.Usually Offensive. a woman.
b.a promiscuous woman.

I left laughing so hard, Ivy couldn't figure out what was so funny. I nearly had tears rolling down my cheeks. He said "Fat Broad" I tried to explain to Ivy. However, to a 3 year old those words together have no meaning. "He called me a 'Fat Broad' " I continued to try to explain.

I had shown my ID and the man looked at me and said "There is NO way in hell you are this 'Fat Broad'". It was me, it is me...I just renewed my license last September, exactly 1 year ago. That's really not that long ago. He then made me recite my address, license number, birthday, full name, and mother's maiden name (no, that is not on a driver's license). What a difference from what I've been getting lately (the comments on how large I am with the pregnancy). Then he said "$hi#, most girls get fat when they get pregnant, but you get skinny." Compliment/Insult in one! I'll just focus on the silver lining of that comment...after all I did laugh pretty hard.


Dawn said...

I can not believe some people! Did they not learn manners at all? Your post did make me laugh though. And, I'm pretty sure it was a compliment, however I don't ever think you have been a "fat Broad". Keep smiling! :) and laughing :D. Isn't life great?

Starley Family said...

Whatever! You always look great Chelle. Can't wait to see everybody this week.