Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm looking forward to....

Being a part time stay-at-home-mommy!

A week or so ago Stacey, my cute and so fun cousin, came into town from San Francisco and planned a "Ropelato Girls Picnic" so she could see everyone. I wasn't planning on going because I had to work, Ivy had Preschool that day, and not to mention I don't have a car on Thursdays. But my wonderful dad surprised me and came to work (it was his day off) and covered for me so I could go to the park for 1 1/2 hours. It was so fun to spend time with the girls and see how fast the little ones are growing.

Aunt Erin and her girls Hayley & Mallory and Stacey standing behind them.

Becky (my cousins wife) and Stacey and Sarah

Aunt Darinda, Jasmine, Kaitlyn, Stacey, Sarah and Gramma

Stacey and Sarah, Me and Mya, Erin and Brittney

Me and Mya (isn't she so cute, I just wanna kidnap her)
Gramma and Mya

Me and Brittney, she thought I was pretty funny...
also notice the belly doubles as a seat, now there's a perk to the big thing.
Then this week I was headed out to my mom's house on my day off to cut some wood, a way overdue project (like 8 months ago this should've been done) and hopefully get the pieces painted and stained, but she told me that Grampa (my grampa) wanted to have a day at Dinosaur Park with the grand kids and great grands before Stacey left. How could I turn it down, even though I really did need to get my other things done. So, off we went to Dinosaur Park. Again, it was so much fun just hanging out, letting the kiddos play, and do something for fun.

Here's the cute little girls all ready to head inside to Dinosaur Park...
well, except Hayley for some reason she didn't want in the picture.

Grampa brought KFC for lunch...yummy!

First we dug for the bones, or fossils, or whatever we were doing.

Stacey and I watching the girls play on the playground.

ROAR, what a dinosaur!

Grampa having some fun with the hatching dino.
For sure, "World Most Dangerous Creature"....
girls are just that, oh and so are grampa's

Mom pushing a few girls in the stroller,
they were all tuckered out and I'm sure slept on the drive home.

I'm totally gonna expect things like this to occur everyday when I do get to stay home...but realistically I know that it doesn't work like that, but....I can't help but look so forward to it anyhow.


hadfam5 said...

You are in for it now haha, we are going to keep you so busy with the stay at home mom activities haha. Love the blog, to cute. We need to get together so you can get the coupon clipping down. Miss ya girl, shauna

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

Sounds like a really fun week! Who says we can't make life like that? I say when you are home you just call me up & we'll make sure our life turns out to be one fun thing after another! :) Come on we're a pretty fun time, we can figure something out!

Starley Family said...

Cute post! Everyday is a new day and sometimes the very best ones are the days you stay in jammies until 5:45pm, make a huge mess, and eat lots of junk because your kids think you are the greatest. I am so glad we got to hang out this trip...only a few more months and we can plan lots of days at the park.