Monday, September 8, 2008

Inspiration from my Angel

I was getting Ivy dressed the other night for bed and hurrying to clean up before we climbed in bed. Ivy leaned over (out of nowhere) and says, "Mommy, Heavenly Father was crying when you were." I had to stop for a second to process what she'd said. I had no idea where that sweet comment came from because it's been weeks since I'd cried, so I asked her to repeat what she'd said. I think she thought that I was mad or something because she wouldn't say it again. But after I asked her a few more times, she told me "you know the time when you were sad? Heavenly Father was sad too, seeing you cry makes him cry Mommy." What a little sweet heart, huh? She knows more than she realizes. What truth she said, and now that it's been a few days I realize that it is what I needed to hear, even though I've felt really good the last few weeks maybe it's to help prevent another out break....gotta love these little angels.

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Dawn said...

oh, what a little sweetie!