Friday, October 3, 2008

Do I have a fault?

I'm terribly good at telling you what your fault is. I think about it and dwell on it and convince myself that I have done nothing in the world to deserve this. I even run through things that I "could have" done wrong, however I remind myself that I am perfect, I have no faults! I'm considerate and loving and put you first (well as much as can be expected considering I'm a mother and have other obligations called a daughter), I work hard for us and try my hardest every day.

Sad to say, and pathetic to admit, but these are the thoughts that I catch myself thinking. I can complain about another person without stopping to look in the mirror for a second.

Now, I know Joe doesn't read this, or I don't think he does anyways, but I'm sorry!! I really do know that I'm not perfect. I wish I were, well maybe, but anyways I appreciate all the things that Joe does for me, which if you know him at all, you know he does pretty much every thing for me. He's really a good guy and I'm really lucky to have him put up with my "perfection".


hadfam5 said...

You are too cute. Love the posts.

Shari said...

At least your honest!

Stephanie said...

You and Joe are so cute, I just love you guys. :o)