Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Princess has been tagged!!

Ok, so I've known that I was supposed to do this a while ago, but I just don't have much time on here to blog ever....it's a tug of war fight over this laptop every night between Lover boy and I and since he's so big and strong he of course wins. Just kidding we don't fight over it....anyways that was just a lot of nothing.

5 Facts about Little Princess, somethings you may not know about her....and then again you might.

1. Little Princess cannot watch her pee or poop be flushed in the toilet. It is so funny, she closes her eyes when she jumps down and has to feel around for the flusher. I tried to make her look the other day to teach her it's not so bad, but she started to gag and dry heave. I guess I won't make her look again.

2. She is very mature for her young little age. She says the darndest things as I know most 3 year olds do...but hers are sometimes far beyond her age...Like when she told my mom she was full of crap...or called us out on a fib and said "You know, I really don't think that's even possible". She's always surprising me with how much she really understands.

3. Her favorite Disney Princess is Ariel. She likes Pink, Purple, oh and Blue and Green and Yellow. (she has to say all of the colors). Her favorite food is Spaghetti (no sauce). Her favorite thing to do is read books.

4. Little Princess is a social butterfly. She goes to church with gramma and papa and loves to visit with the members before sacrament starts, and then once it starts she has her favorite people that she must visit their benches a couple of times through out the meeting. She knows that Lynette has gum for her, the Hodson's play with her; and once she knew her friend Bella was out in the hallway so she started whining cuz Papa had threatened her that if she were to whine he'd take her in the hall. (I can't remember if it worked, because they knew what she was doing). But she loves church...for the social part of it!

5. Little Princess is learning to vacuum. She has a list of Responsibilities to accomplish each day. I usually have to help her do each one (which is fine by me, it prevents me from being lazy), but with vacuuming she likes to do it herself. I do have to do a quick run over when she finishes but all in all she really does do a decent job. She loves to be a big girl and help out.

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Dawn said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to get back to the computor. That's a cute pic of Ivy, course every pic of her is cute. FYI she didn't get to go out with the whining trick, but we did sit and laugh about it. She is a smartee

Mandy & Nate said...

Man I can't believe you tagged me!! What the heck will I ever do!! Good thing I got on line to check if anything new was going on. Thanks!!