Sunday, October 12, 2008


It seems I have been MIA. I have so many notes throughout my purse with things that I've wanted to blog about but just haven't been able to. At work we (actually I'm sure this problem was mostly just me because I do have a very addictive personality I've found out) were informed that the internet was for work purposes only. I can no longer get paid to blog.....weep with me. Then we got our internet bill mixed up and it got shut off. Finally, internet is working again! Wahoo. So bear with me as I make up for some lost time.

So, let's see...well one day I was wearing something that I couldn't wait to get home and remove. I was so uncomfortable all day long. I twisted and turned but I still wasn't comfortable. Do you have a piece of clothing like this? And then you wonder why you even wear it! Well, you may be thinking it's a bra or panties that ruined my day....but no! it was something far worse than an underwire digging into my side or a constant wedgie. I was wearing socks! I HATE SOCKS! I only own like 6 pairs. Really that is it, for this very reason: my feet suffer claustrophobia. I only like to wear socks to workout (so the max time they are on is 1-2 hours). How do I survive the winter months you ask? Well, have you seen the shoes that I wear? They are not sock appropriate. I wear knee highs or nylon stockings (not up to the waist, those are just as bad as socks). Being prego however has forced me to look to my dreaded flat shoes (my balance just isn't as ...."perfect" as it is when not carrying a little "oompa loompa"- i'll explain later) and since it had rained that day I thought I should probably wear socks....I doubt I'll make that mistake again. I'll just deal with the stinky feet next time. Ugh what a day!

Hmmm....I have a few Ivyism's too that I've wanted to put on here as that little girls mouth is always spitting out the funniest things I've ever heard, but I can't find that note right now where I've jotted them down. I'll look for that later....if I can remember.

But yes, let me tell you about my "oompa loompa". I went to the Dr. on Thursday. Baby boy is continuing to grow, well part of him at least. His head is huge, which isn't much of a shock since my family all has big heads and Little Princess got that trait too so nothing new there. But this little guys belly is ginormous! And now for the best part.....drum roll.....wait, clean up your thoughts this has nothing to do with his man hood....although it is very clear to see that he shouldn't have much to be ashamed of....but anyways back to the drum roll.....he has short little legs. Dr. said "well it looks like you are having an Oompa Loompa." How exciting is that?!Little Princess was referred to as a nigga baby, because her lips were pressed up against the wall and they did look quite large, but once she was born it was obvious that big lips were nothing to be concerned about. Hopefully this "oompa loompa" image I have now in my head will pan out the same. And if not, who cares! I'll love my little oompa loompa and beg him to make me some chocolate.

So my cute friend and her brother have moved out from the basement. They were my renters in case you didn't know. It's been really weird having them gone, but it's been so nice having space to put things. Although we still haven't moved our bedroom down there; to be honest I am a bit sad about doing it. I think I might have a really hard time not being by Little Princess at night. We might have to have sleepover parties or something. It will suck I'm sure for her to have to sleep up stairs all by herself when me, Lover boy, and baby all get to sleep down stairs. But anyways, we've, wait we all know that I like to take credit for things but I guess I should just give credit to Lover boy for this so....Lover boy moved the projector down stairs to one of the rooms and got us a Love Sac down there (thanks to my parents for letting us borrow it and my brother for helping transport it) and he's removed the closet doors and made him a little office nook so the upstairs is now so much more stuff cluttered all over from us lounging out while watching a movie or computer parts or any of that. I'm loving it! Hopefully this weekend though we'll be able to get some more things moved down there to help clean out the room we sleep in now, that needs to be transformed into the baby's nursery. I'm sure it'll happen cuz Lover boy is either just a go getter or he's the one with the "nesting" issues, cuz we are getting all sorts of things accomplished around this place.

Well that's all I feel like for now. I've got much more useless info to share, but I'm missing out on watching "Cars" with Little Princess and Lover boy and I think that's a bit more important....Amity, if you are reading this, I will post pics this week of Little Princess's clown costume, but I've just had a surge of creativity and thought of something that might make it cuter. So I'll try it out and then take pics.


hadfam5 said...

you are too cute, when are we going to start couponing?

Erin Ropelato said...

Now that's funny,
ooops I bet you never thought someone from work would read your blog, let alone a person who signed that policy into force.
Keep Smiling
Scott & Erin

Stephanie said...

Awe, you blogged about me. It still feels weird to me that I'm not living with you. Especially whenever I'm at your house and instead of going downstairs after our 5 hours talks, I go to my car, pull out of the driveway ... and then just drive up the street. Silly I know, but what can you do. Sometimes I'll hear the neighbors and I automatically think "Hmmm Trichelle and Joe are home."