Thursday, October 23, 2008

Work, Work Work....I just slave away!

Last night, Wednesday, was my night alone with Lover boy. Little Princess has started sleeping over at her dad's house on one weeknight, so Lover boy and I usually just enjoy each other's company, snuggle up and watch a movie. When I got home I decided that I should at least start some laundry, so I told Lover boy I'd be right down to watch the movie after I gathered up some dirty laundry. I put it in the washing machine and then noticed that I had a load in the dryer to fold. So, I put him off a few more minutes while I ran back upstairs to get the clean things put away. Then I decided I should probably just pick up some things off the floor. This took me less than 30 minutes...I watched the clock. My cute little Lover boy came upstairs looking for me thinking that I had forgotten about him. Then he mentioned something about wouldn't it just be nice if our things were already moved to the basement.

Of course!

And with that my mattress was out of the room, next the clothes were emptied from the closet, shoes, purses, jewelry, tables, everything was one by one making it's way to the basement bedroom.

Next, all the things were taken from the walls.

And then of course, look how hard I was working....I found a hat, which I had to try on...then I had to do some talking on the phone...ok so while I was busy "working", Lover boy is the one who did everything!

But I did have to tell him where to put everything in our "new" room.

I guess that I will finish cleaning out the garbage from the other room, it's the least I can do;).

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