Sunday, October 26, 2008

One Stinkin' Cute Clown

I woke up in the morning just feeling like crap. I was nauseous and tired. I was considering canceling a very fun day with my friend, her daughter, and Little Princess. But once Little Princess was up, there was no way I could feel like a good mom and cancel because she was so excited to dress up in her costume, which is a very rare thing for her this year. So I dragged my butt upstairs and started to get the items ready for her costume, the entire time thinking that I surely did not want to go out today. Then I saw this:

How could I not get myself ready and plaster on a smile and just enjoy the day?! So that's precisely what I did...and you know what, I did start to feel better once I got moving. Actually it's probably because I was just so cute. Every piece that we'd put on, she'd have to go show Lover boy, she couldn't wait until she was all the way finished. It was so cute of her.

As we were leaving Joe said "Now I see why you like Halloween so much. This is fun!" That really meant a lot to have him acknowledge it. Now maybe we can get him out trick-or-treating with us...cross our fingers.

We had to make a pit stop at my dad's work because his friends had trashed his office and work the night before and there were a lot of balloons, I just thought Little Princess would think it was wonderful...however when we got there it was all cleaned up. But we were still able to get a balloon for Little Princess and her very cute friend. My dad asked her if she was a witch, she responded "No, my mom's a witch!" (I was dressed up as a witch) The guys thought that was pretty funny...It is a costume that suits me perfectly this year, so go figure.

We finally made it to pick up our friends (about an hour late). Then we headed to the zoo. Once we got to the general area of the zoo, there was major traffic and cars lining the streets. I turned up the street and then noticed there were all these cute little creatures, princesses, ghosts, and witches walking up the side walk. I knew we still had a ways to go before getting to the zoo. In my head all I could think was "should've stayed home". Luckily my cute friend wasn't to hyped on the idea of having to park a mile away and walk up hill to the zoo, then wait in line, and fight all these millions of people. She'd heard of a Monster Block Party at the Gallivan Center that started later in the afternoon, so we changed our plans and decided to go eat some lunch first then head to the Monster Block Party. So off to Training table. (and just a side note...I got terribly ill for about 30 secs, well maybe a bit longer cuz I know I didn't walk that fast...but anyways I barely made it to the bathroom before my morning sickness returned. It sure did make me nervous about the rest of the afternoon, but off we went regardless)

We finally made it to the Gallivan center.

Aren't they just so cute...

One lady said the right thing to my cute friend and I as we were trick-or-treating with our little Monsters. She told us that we know how to put the "hot" in pregnancy. Yes, that's right for all those of you who may have a different opinion.

Enough jabbering, because I know most people just like to look at pictures anyways...

look at them waiting so patiently:)

Little Princess had so much fun decorating her pumpkin. Unfortunately for me, this is when the sun and everything else started getting to me. I had to take a seat in the shade and watch. So my poor cute friend had to jump from Clown to 50's girl and help both assemble their works of art. What a good friend she is.

Once she posts I'll steal some more pics because my lens jammed on my camera at this point, and when we dropped off our friends, her hubby had all the leaves raked in a giant pile. How can one resist but to jump in the middle? Unless of course you are Little Princess and worried about getting dirty, or me and just too prego to care about the fun of leaves. My cute friend got some awesome pics stay tuned.


Melissa said...

OH. MY. GOSH. HOW stinking CUTE does she look!!?! You are nice for going even though you felt yucky! (you look great btw)

Dawn said...

so cute! You are a great mom!

Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

Luckily we can both say we were good mom's for the day, what other prego moms do you know would take their kids out, & dress up with them??? As soon as I am not too lazy I will update my post! Thanks for being a good sport & going with us! It meant alot for Sotera to go with Ivy! and selfishly I had a great time with my favorite friend!!!

Natalie Ropelato said...

Did you make Ivy's Halloween costume or where did you get it? It is darling! If you made it, I know who I'm calling next year :) She looks adorable in it.