Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Simple Things---Sunday, Oct. 19th

Trying to decide which gum will taste better…spearmint or citrus mint…spearmint it is, yes that’s what I feel like today.

“Oh, that’s so cute” a voice from the soda machine says.

My head turns to the cashier, nothing “cute” there….then I turn to glance through the rest of the store….nothing “cute”. The eyes that belong to that voice are staring right at me. I look down…nappy old cable knit sweater jacket (missing a few buttons), stretched out undershirt sneaking out due to my bulging belly, and pj pants. Once again, nothing “cute” there. My eyes meet his again with the obvious look of question…”what on earth are you referring to sir?”

A nod is sent my direction and the eyes then focus on my belly.

I was completely flattered, a bit embarrassed, and shocked. No guy has referred to my pregnancy in such a positive way. I’m sure I blushed a bit, but said “Oh yah it’s really cute” in a very sarcastic voice.

“No, really it is so cute. I can’t take my eyes from you….there’s just something about an expecting mother….it’s just cute.”

I left with a little skip in my walk and giant smile across my face.


Dawn said...

you'll always remember that guy's compliment. I remember being with dad in Vegas very pregnant and two guys walked by and I heard them say that I was sexy. They were serious too, they said there was just something sexy about a pregnant women. I was flattered and still remember it.

Stephanie said...

You are by far the “CUTEST” pregnant person I have ever seen; sorry everyone else. If I am ever pregnant I hope to look even half as cute as you do. Actually, I hate to think of what I’d look like pregnant, let alone what my personality will be like while pregnant. I’ll scare people I just know it.