Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can't hardly believe it

Lover boy took today off from his job to work at home on a website he's creating for a business. This morning he told me to get upstairs and do something and he'd watch the Little Man for a while. I've been trying to get the stinking bedspread made for Little Man, but since he just loves me so much and needs to be held constantly by me I've yet to get it finished...or even close so that's what I decided to work on. Pretty soon Lover boy was upstairs cleaning Little Mans carpets so that we could finally move the crib in the house. He informed me that Little Man had fallen asleep while doing tummy time. I love watching my baby sleep so I sneaked down stairs to take a peek. Sure enough he was cuddled on his tummy sleeping away. I went back upstairs and continued sewing. After a while I heard Little Man crying, so I rushed downstairs to get him...he was on his back. He'd rolled over!! Can you believe it? He's only 6 weeks old. My Little Princess never rolled over, well maybe once or twice or a few more times but I know for sure she was much older. This is all new to me. Now I'm going to have to be much safer with where I lay him down, no more on the counter while I'm fixing his bottle:(.
It was quite an exciting day though. Such a big boy!
So while he's being a big boy, I'm attempting at having him sleep upstairs tonight. YIKES!! Normally, he sleeps right outside my bedroom door in his car seat. For some reason he and the Little Princess (when she was an infant) only sleep well in their car seats. Tonight though I laid him in his big boy crib, he fussed for a minute I think because he's afraid of the dark, so I turned on the closet light for his comfort and he just started sucking the life out of his binky, closed his eyes, and went right to sleep. Lover boy put the the baby monitor up there and tested it out for me; everythings a go! Let's see if I get any sleep or if I'm up all night running up there to check on him. Could be a big step for us though.
Can I just say that I have a very very easy baby. Both have been so good and easy. ONCE AGAIN WHAT A BLESSED GIRL I AM!!

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hadfam5 said...

How exciting, You'll have to keep us posted on how the night went? It's like a book missing the last page lol, no clue what happened. You are such a cute mom, keep up the good work.