Monday, December 8, 2008

Lover boy sure does love me

Once again let me tell you what a lucky girl I am. Lover boy is so good to me and our family. Last month our finances were a bit short, with me not working and having the baby and his family visiting and the time that was taken from work to spend with them we just came up short. We were short our house payment.
When I realized this I did what I do best...panicked. He assured me that he would have the money by the first, which was 26 hours away. Sure enough within 12 hours of the promise I received a phone call from him at work asking me to pick him up right then because he had someone coming to look at some items that he'd posted for sale that morning. The man that came bought everything, equaling out the exact amount that we needed.
The things that he sold are his passions. Things I would never have thought that he'd sale. I was quite emotional the rest of the evening. When I asked him if he was sad and regretted it, he said yes he was extremely sad to not have those things anymore, but that he in no way regretted it because our family is far more important than the material things. That sent me into tears immediately.
If you know my previous situation when I was married, it was quite different (and of course that's just my side of the story). Ex husband is a great man, I still love him as a person, however we just had different expectations out of life, marriage, and one another.
I have never expected to be treated so well by someone. That act of giving up what he loves so much for me means more to me than so many other things. As I sit here reflecting on this, I realized that this wasn't the first time he's given up something important to him for me. He did the same thing about 9 months ago when we'd first met. I again was in a financial bind when my brakes went out on my car and of course I needed to fix those. He saw that I was worried how I was going to pay for that and he sold his laptop that night and handed me the money.
He takes such good care of us and now I know I really don't have to worry...he finds a way always to help us. The most wonderful thing though that I appreciate so much too, is that he takes it upon himself to find a solution. He doesn't suggest asking my parents or someone else to help when he knows that there is another possible way.
Thank you Lover Boy!!

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Dawn said...

He is a good guy! I'm glad he watches out for you and your little family. That's nice!