Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wish Me LUCK!!...maybe determination is better than luck

So last year I followed my friends blog that she started for a group....biggest loser. It was so awesome to SEE her progress. She posted pics and kept up on her blog so that you saw her struggles but then how she'd overcome them too. It was a very inspirational weight loss blog. So I just stumbled on their blog for this year http://biggestloser2009.blogspot.com/ and decided that I wanted to join them this year. So here we go.

My plan is to tighten up and tone up...my only hang up is when I truly focus on things sometimes it works in the reverse for me but hopefully this time I'll have so much motivation that I'll actually be able to do it:)

My personal goals:
(well since I haven't measured myself officially I won't be so specific right now, but that will come later)
I don't have a desired weight, because I'm fine with my current weight and it's just a number to me that I can easily lie on when someone asks....so no specific # in mind...maybe later too.
I'd like to lose my belly flab (the joy of the leftovers from having a baby)
Tone my legs and arms
Get rid of that awful back fat:(
hmmm....maybe that's it, just tone up!!

My plan:
Eat 5 a day (fruits and veggies)
eat only 1 dessert, no second helpings (because I love desserts I always like to have another serving)
Exercise 5 days a week of at least 45 minutes (walking, pilates, weights)

Cheers to a New Year and a Happy Life and hopefully Goodbye to some unwanted inches.


Melissa said...

YAY! I'm glad you are joining us! It's a lot of fun and great support! Make sure to check out the blog for all the details! It will be fun!

Shari said...

Good Luck! I know you will have the determination you need. Sounds like Joe will be a supportive partner in this for you, too. He sounds wonderful! Looks like you will also have some great friends to be supportive with you also. One day at a time! I have been working at for over a year now and results are slowly getting there. :-)Stay positive!