Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I was tagged a few weeks ago to list 6 quirks...I've procrastinated because I like to think that I'm 100% normal and don't have a quirk. lol!!

1. I'm a multi-tasker! Well that's what I like to call it anyways. I get really motivated to do something, so I start it, but then I'm easily distracted or lose interest so then I move on to another task. I have a million unfinished projects: painting the trim in Little Princess's room and hallway (Lover boy even wiped ugly marks on it to get me to do it sooner, but...), scrapbooking, cleaning the "craft area", organizing my room, craft projects, Little Man's bedding and curtains, etc. I'm really bad at finishing what I start:(

2. I am very specific in things that I want. For example my wedding dress, I knew exactly how I wanted it in my head. Since I knew in my head I knew that I wouldn't be able to find it somewhere so we were planning on having it made...luckily I found a perfect one for a very reasonable price when trying on different style to see how I wanted the waist line. Little Man's bedding....I saw a piece of scrapbook paper and wanted it to be a blanket, so of course I couldn't find that blanket that I saw in my head anywhere so I have to make it (hence, why it isn't finished yet). I end up making or altering all of my decor for my house because of my "quirk". If I want a new pair of shoes, I somehow get this fabulous picture in my head of the "perfect" shoe yet of course I can't find it anywhere, same goes for clothes. I wish I could just save myself some hassle and frustration sometimes by just being able to walk into a store and see something I love and just buy it without thinking how it could be "better".

3. I just noticed this today, but when the toilet paper is nearly out, you know when you grab some and are about to tear but then there's only a square or 2 left on the roll, I absolutely hate to "waste" (lol) those last few squares, I have to tear them off and use them!

4. I'm very specific on things in my house. Don't touch anything or move it or add to my things. I hate it (ok so this is more of a pet peeve). Funny thing is, Lover Boy is always doing things for me in our house that requires things to be moved, and 9/10 times I prefer the way he has rearranged it, however it still irritates me...maybe I'm secretly jealous because I wish I could've thought of it and want all the credit. Lol, honestly I think I just hit the nail on the head.

5. I am constantly picking up things. I can't stand for there to be anything out (I got this from my mom, we've just noticed). Like on Christmas, as soon as a gift was opened I ran to get a garbage bag to put the paper in and had to pick it up after each opening...it's kinda silly, and I would like to be able to just enjoy the moment, but that is how I enjoy the moment...WHEN IT"S CLEAN:) (Ironically, my house is always cluttered, but...I'm not a perfectionist or anal about cleaning, I just like to keep the obvious done)

6. Before I go to bed (unless I'm completely exhausted) I have to lay on my right side for about 5 minutes then switch to my left with my leg extended and my arms positioned just right. It's the same every night.

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