Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A sad, sad day

(sniff, sniff) (deep breath, sigh, more sniffing)
Within the last 24 hours I've been bombarded with bad news from 2 of my truly closest friends. (Actually, if you are my friend you are considered a truly close friend...when I make friends, I get very close to them and they become an important part of my life, so when I say 2 of my truly closest it isn't meant to make any of my other friends feel that they are not, because if it was them I was refering to, I'd say the same....)
Totally differnt types of bad news...both of which have bright silver linings in one way or another, but still a little gray on the inside.
One friend is having problems in her life that I hope to never experience, yet through it all she's staying positive and saying how excited she is to move on with her life and that she knows God has something great in store for her. She's being so positive and handling this mishap so well, someone for me to totally look up to and admire, although I always have because she's always been such a good example to me. She's always taken care of me and acted like my big sister. I love her dearly and wish her all the happiness that she deserves.
My other dear friend just sent me a text message informing me that her husband did get the job that he'd applied for and that they will be moving to Arizona as soon as they are able to sell their home. Ugh...
Now I guess I'll survive. It's not like we spend every day together. But just knowing that we can't stop by her house or just take the kids to lunch anymore just sucks.
Let me reminisce about our friendship...
The first time I met/saw Krissie was the first day of 8th grade, we had science together in good ol' Mr. Heslop's class. She's the type of girl you instantly notice; she's beautiful, outgoing personality, and so fun. I didn't like her though...but that's just because I was jealous. We were wearing the same shorts, they were striped and I thought I looked so cute (and in 8th grade looks are highly important) until I saw her in them. Now hopefully she wont hate me for saying this on here, but she has a cute butt and so of course the shorts looked much cuter than on my "no butt" bottom.
By 9th grade we were acquaintences and kinda friends. Although I never had another class with her in Jr. High, we did share all the same friends. I remember I hung out with her the last day of school in 9th grade and we actually had conversation at the little taco place on 12th and Washington. Then in 10th grade we had crafts class together: that's were our friendship became more than just slight friends, she became my best friend. We became inseperable. We could laugh so hard and be the biggest retards, remember skipping down the hallway with our hoodies cinched up tight and our arms flapping out like spaghetti noodles....LOL. Oh and then once we ate an entire Marie Calendar's pie to our little selves, yummy Lemon Crunch Pie, I wish they still made that delicious bit of heaven. We spent countless nights without sleep while we just talked and talked and laughed and cried. We did cause a bit of havoc too...which we will both remember in our own heads....LOL.
We drifted a little bit after high school. Life just changed course for us, I still considered her my best friend, but one that I seldom hung out with. But when we would get together it was as if no time had passed. Then as life went on we reconnected right before she moved to Alabama with her husband for the Army, I was sad that she'd left then but I knew she'd be gone only about 1 year. A few months after she'd moved I got a phone call announcing some very happy news: she was finally pregnant, she'd been trying for quite some time and it was a very stressful time for her. I was so excited for her, then about 3 months later I found out that I was pregnant. She was due in March and I in June. Turns out we both had sweet little girls.
I've had so much fun raising our girls together, Ivy loves Sotera. These 2 girls are so cute together and both are so smart and advanced for their ages that it really is good that they can play together occassionally.
When I found out I was pregnant in March I of course blurted the news to a very few friends that I lived with and then decided I wouldn't tell another friend til I knew what on earth I was going to do, but when I saw Krissie I had to tell her. She shared my pain but also was the first person to show me true excitement and happiness in the situation. Then 2 months later we went to lunch with our little princesses and Krissie told me that God must want us to be friends for a long time because he keeps sending us children together. I was so excited, again we were able to be prego together. A few months later, even better news came; she too was having a boy.
Now we are just waiting for this little baby boy of hers to make his debut; and then she informs me of the great news that Chad got the job (which it really is good news for their family, it's a good job and one that he will do well at I'm sure). I'm so bummed. I was completely excited to start having regular playdates with the kiddos and spend more time together now that I'm not working and we have a bit more similar life and schedule.:(
I had to call her when I got the disturbing text and she's assured me that she will be visiting quite frequently and that's for sure because she's already had the talk with her husband when the possibility of a move came up.
I love you Krissie and am really excited for this new adventure you and your family will go on, but just know that I will really miss you and am so sad that you are leaving. I love you.

Now here's some pics...the only ones I have on my computer. Brief background for them, when I found out Daniel wanted a divorce my family was taking a vacation to Disneyland at Christmas time. Daniel told me on Dec 12 that he was done, our marriage was a failure. My dad suggested that I ask Krissie to go with me. I was taking a flight a day after the rest of the family and staying in a different hotel, so I surely didn't want to go all alone. Luckily Krissie has a very kind and understanding husband who allowed her (which such little notice) at such a busy time of year to come and spend time with a friend who needed her. Thank you Chad!! I had a blast and still always talk about that trip.

How stinking cute is that? Holding hands. Awww!

Our beautiful little princesses.

And 2 years later still such cute little friends.

And to my other friend, I love you and know that much goodness is laying ahead of you in the path that your life is heading on now.
I've been so blessed with the friends that I have in my life. Each one is very special and unique in the way that they have helped me. I admire all of my friends and look up to each and every one. They have taught me much and influenced me for the good. If I ever have a struggle I know that I can count on my friends to help me through. They are such awesome support and comfort. My family is of course my best of friends too. When I refer to my friends, my family is included, and often when I refer to family, my friends could all be counted right there with them. Thanks to everyone who has been my friend along my journey of life. I'm truly blessed.

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Dawn said...

I'm sad for you that Krissie is leaving, but I know you two won't let the miles keep you apart. Thank goodness for blogs and texting. It won't seem so bad because of these luxuries. I'm sorry I didn't really get to talk to you when you told me Trichelle. When kids get home everything changes. Love You!