Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Tough Lesson To Learn

This year we have been visited by elves. They have been looking in our windows and watching the kids. They report back to Santa at what they've seen. If the child is good and retains their spot on the "nice" list, the elves bring a special treat that is put in a designated stocking for prizes from the elves. Lover boy and I are the only ones who can talk to the elves and visit with them. Each night we report the happenings of the day, maybe when the elves weren't here something major happened.
It has been so much fun to wake up each morning and check the stockings. Little Princess finds so much joy in it and gets so excited to look in hers and Little Mans (since he's too little to check his own stocking). They have both been so good and received a gift each day.
Yesterday we went to visit our friend who had just had a baby. We had so much fun riding the Front Runner to Salt Lake and then jumping over to the Trax to take us up to University Hospital. When we got there we hadn't been there for more than 5 minutes when Little Princess started to whine about being thirsty. I reminded her that we would definitely get a drink and some lunch after we spent some time with the little miracle that was just sent to this earth. She continued to fuss and I not knowing how to quite deal with it, just ignored her. I continued to visit with my friend and admire the beautiful baby in her arms. Little Princess started to get louder and louder and more whiny. Soon she was on the floor spinning and kicking her legs. This is very unlike Little Princess. I started to get furious at her rude behavior. I reminded her that the elves might be watching (usually that reminder does the trick) she didn't even flinch at that threat. I couldn't put up with it any longer, we were leaving.
Now granted, it was about her nap time, but I still feel that she is old enough that she can keep herself calm for a minute. She certainly is mature enough to understand when she is being rude. As soon as we were in the hallway I explained to her that her behavior was completely rude and unacceptable. She apologized and informed me that she was about to die because of her thirst. LOL. So what could a good mother do besides rush to the hospital cafeteria to prevent Little Princess from dying?! So, that's what we did.
The cafeteria was quite small and very packed with people. Little Princess started to wander all over causing people carrying their trays to nearly trip over her. I told her she needed to stand by me in line and wait patiently so others could make their way around without dumping trays or tripping over her. Then in the snottiest voice imaginable came her response "Mom, I'm JUST trying to find me a drink." I lost it. Where did this beautiful Little Princess get such sass and snottiness?
After lunch, she returned to her sweet little self. She was so good riding the Trax and I was full of joy watching her play as we waited for nearly an hour for the Front Runner. She did amazingly well the entire ride home. She immediately fell asleep once we got in our car. When we got home I decided I'd let her sleep even though it was about 5:30 p.m. in hopes that she could just sleep through the night and feel better in the morning.
Lover Boy and I started watching "The NeverEnding Story" about 8:00, and in walked Little Princess. She was so sweet and cuddly. Lover Boy got her some dinner and then he told her that I'd informed him about her behavior early that day. She got shy and bashful, then he asked her if she thought the elves would bring her a gift. She said she thought they still would. Lover Boy and I stepped outside to report to the elves.
I told Lover Boy that she was being so good now, and for most of the day she had been. I then asked his opinion. He asked if I wanted his honest opinion, I knew what he thought after he said that much. My heart was crushed, because I knew she'd be so sad. He told me that I can't always give in. Of course she's cute and sweet now, she usually is, but I need to teach her that some behaviors are not ok, and being rude to a good friend is absolutely not acceptable behavior, regardless of her being tired. He was right.
As soon as we came in Little Princess asked what the elves said about her behavior for the day. I informed her that they had followed us on the train and applauded her behavior and for staying by Mommy all day, but they also watched through the windows at the hospital and were so shocked to see her throw such a tantrum, and especially in front of two little baby's that could learn from her. They were very disappointed at that behavior but would have to check with Santa to see if she would get a gift in the morning or not.
Morning came, and I was exhausted (I'd just spent 2 hours up with the baby) when Little Princess came down at 6:30 a.m. to see if it was wake up time. I informed her that not yet and that I still needed some sleep. She went to the stairs and sat on them. Lover Boy decided he'd get up with her and let me sleep in. (What a guy!) They came up stairs and Lover Boy asked Little Princess if she'd gotten anything from the elves, she ran to the bathroom and came back with the gift she'd gotten the day earlier, Lover Boy informed her that was from the other day and asked again if she'd gotten anything. She slowly walked to her stocking on the chair and turned it upside down and said "No, see it's empty today." They then had a little chat about why it was empty. Lover Boy said she understood why it was empty but she didn't cry or get angry.
I felt so sad when she told me the elves didn't leave her a gift last night, in her sad little voice. I asked her why and we had a little talk about it again. She did understand very well. She's very mature and it's easy to talk to her about things. She told me she was sorry for being rude and hurting my and my friends feelings and teaching the little baby's to whine and that she'd remember not to do it again. (I know that I can't expect it to never happen again, after all she is only 3)
I'm pretty sure this was a harder lesson for me to learn than it was for Little Princess. But I'm glad Lover Boy encouraged us both to learn from the experience. Some of the hard things are great blessing for us to learn from. Little Princess and I have both learned from our day.

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Dawn said...

I promise you will only have to follow through a few times, and she will know and learn and be a much better princess for it. You're doing great~!