Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Man

While I'm in a blogging mood, and the house is clean, baby is napping, and Little Princess is with her daddy....

Little Man is such a joy! Seriously. When I had Little Princess I knew I was so lucky to have such an easy baby. Everybody warned me that because she was just so good, that the next one would make up for it.

WRONG!! Although these 2 kids of mine are completely different, I have been so blessed to have 2 amazingly easy and good kids.

Little Man is so funny. He's always wiggling. Since he was in my tummy he just can't hold still. That little guys legs are always kicking and hands are waving. It is so funny to watch him. I dread the day he becomes a crawler, he'll be all over the place. Bath time is a very wet time for anyone within 5 feet. He loves to kick his legs like he's a mad man and splash the water everywhere. At night he lays in his bed and raises both legs and pounds them on the mattress. It is so noisy over the monitor, but then you'll hear him start to laugh and then do it again, and then laugh. It's so entertaining to both him and me.

Little Man is a happy happy kid who loves to laugh. I've noticed he laughs a lot more than the average baby. He's been laughing for months now, and his laughs are from the gut, they are so funny to listen to. He laughs at everything, mostly his big sister and lately his daddy is pretty funny too.

His newest thing, which is funny for now but I'm sure I'll tire of it soon is to fake cry. Seriously, what 7 month old knows how to "FAKE" cry. It's such an obvious fake cry too. It's like "" not "wahh......wahhhhh..." I just sit and laugh at him when he's pretending to be so miserable, which then usually makes him burst out in laughter.


Dawn said...

Zaden is such a sweetie. I think it's funny when he laughs when I try singing to him. :D

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

He reall is such a cutie! I really think he is so advanced for his age!! I love the belly gut laugh!!

Dana said...

You are so lucky! Both your kids are amazing.