Thursday, June 11, 2009

To my best friend,

When I met you 4 years ago, I instantly loved you. You were perfect and I immediately knew we'd be such good friends. Over the last 4 years you have taught me so many things: how to love, to put others before me, to be patient, to laugh at everything and nothing, that nothing is too insignificant, that I am loved, the amazing ability of each human being, and so much more. You are truly amazing dear friend. During the 4 years that we've known each other (in this life, because I know that I knew you before we met on this earth) you've seen my biggest struggles in life, yet you were always the one who wrapped your loving and nonjudgemental arms around me and would whisper that everything would be alright and that you were there to protect me. You have no idea the power of those hugs and sweet little words. I sat in amazement, the first time you told me that everything would be alright and you'd take care of me, you were only 17 months old. You knew your mommy's heart was hurting, and you soothed my pain right away! There were many times after that that I relied on your sweetness to get me through my day, week, month. You never failed me, you always rescued me. Thank you!!
As I watch you grow and develop your little personality, I'm amazed at what a special girl you are. You really are unlike so many children. You are far beyond your age in so many ways. You understand things that a 4 year old shouldn't have to. You have such a sweet compasionate spirit. You are my little social butterfly. I remember being a young girl and being so shy and timid, I delight in watching you interact with so many different people. You touch many peoples lives and bring such joy to all who meet you.

I love you, you are my best friend, my favorite little girl!! Happy birthday Little Princess!!

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Dawn said...

How sweet! I'm so glad that Ivy can build you up and make things better when they are hard. You are very blessed to have such an amazing little girl! (I am too!)