Friday, June 26, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears....but no elephants


We ventured out this year to an awesome day at the zoo!! We didn't make it last year because I was a little bit selfish and didn't want to be out in the heat while prego. Fortunately Little Princess has an awesome daddy who took her plenty of times to make up for me never taking her once.
I must admit, I was a bit disappointed with our Hogle Zoo. NO ELEPHANTS!! That just seems like "ZOO" to me, I guess we'll have to go to the circus now to see the elephants. lol
When I asked Little Princess what her favorite animal is she didn't even hesitate to think about it, the Zebras. Mine too! So we made our way right on over to the Zebras but, once again as with the Elephants, it was an empty pen. I just about had a conniption fit and was threatening to go and demand our money back, what kind of zoo is this? We walked around to the lower part of the Zebra pen and then back and out came the Zebras. YAY!! We were so excited. We tried the Elephants again...Nope, no elephants yet. We tried them a few times throughout the day, but there weren't ever any elephants.:( Our favorite was the monkeys. I'm so terrible with the proper names of animals so I can't remember exactly which ones they were but I think it was the Hollering Monkeys. They were so hilarious. They were yelling and singing to us. Little Man was enthralled by them. We sat a good 10 minutes or more just watching them and listening, it truly was fun. We got sprinkled on a little bit, but it was more refreshing than a nuisance. We had a fabulous day at the zoo...but it might be a while before we make it back. We're gonna give the circus a shot!

Oh and can I add...Have you ever seen a giraffe eat? It is a sight to behold. He chews and chews and chews (you know with the jaw moving in a circular motion) then he swallows, and you can watch as the food goes down his long neck, don't turn away at this point because he isn't finished...that lump of food goes right back up that long neck and the jaw starts going at it again. I don't know if it was more amazing or disgusting...maybe a fine line between the 2.

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