Thursday, June 11, 2009

a BIG 4 year old is taking over our home!

Little Princess turned 4 today!! Can you believe that my baby girl is now 4? I can't hardly stand it. Last year my friends all took Little Princess to breakfast for her birthday. Little Princess remembered that this year and asked if we could do that again. My friends of course agreed that they would love to go. We had a delicous IHOP breakfast and then had to hurry home so she could open her presents.

This year we opted to not have a traditional birthday party with all her friends. After we'd spent the afternoon at the Gateway playing in the fountain a few weeks ago, Little Princess decided that's what she'd like to do again for her birthday. Sounded spectacular to me. I told her she could invite a friend, immediately she asked for Sotera, I had to remind her yet again that Sotera no longer lived nearby and that she wouldn't be able to. We decided on her little friend from church, Rock. However it was his brothers birthday that same day, so he was spending time with him and his dad. My mom and Kimi were away at girl's camp and so Jared was left home alone during the days. Little Princess was so excited when I told her that Jared should come with us. Because the weather did anything but cooperate with us on her special day, we weren't able to play outside. So, instead we went to the 3D movie "UP". It was so cute, Little Princess kept saying "I think this is maybe too scary for me mom". There are dogs in the show and she's a bit afraid of dogs, now I'm sure she'll be very afraid of dogs. LOL.

We had a nice day and despite a few (and they were very few) 3 year old fits she is going to be an awesome 4 year old.

Since my mom and Kimi were going to be gone to girl's camp over Little Princess's birthday we decided to celebrate the Sunday before with them. Little Princess was just so excited that she didn't even want to eat dinner, we told her that after she ate she could open her presents, I guess she thought if she didn't eat she could open them sooner...
She was so excited to get such fun and cute earrings from Uncle Justin, Aunt Natalie and Mya. She loves changing her earrings each day and now she has a bunch more to choose from. The present that topped all others was the bike from Grammy and Papa. She was so excited and couldn't wait to ride it. What a fun day, if only every day could be a birthday!

Little Man absolutely loved the cake. He ate all of Aunt Natalie's.


Dawn said...

Ivy is such a blessing! I sure do love her a ton!

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh Happy Birthday Little Girly!! I can't believe she is four already! Where did the time go?? Why are our girls so big?? Sotera loves Ivy so much & misses her everyday! You will need to call my mom for sure on Tues.night so she remembers you're meeting for lunch Wed!! I hope you have a great time! I love you Ivy Poopsie Poop!!!