Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kids Carnival

I joined a group called Kids Club. It's so much fun! There is a daily calendar with lists of activities for your children to do. Most activities are very reasonable cost, if not free. Also by joining you get major discounts to all sorts of places. Our first activity we joined them for was a kids carnival. On the website it listed: bounce houses, mechanical bull ride, Hannah Montana impersonator, Harry Potter, Sleeping Beauty, valentine making for the soldiers, reptile encounter.

When we arrived Lover Boy and I were slightly disappointed. There were booths everywhere with all sorts of vendors (that's where they make their money) trying to get you to listen to their sales pitch. After being polite to the first few, we decided that we didn't want to be there all day long, so we weren't going to get roped into the rest of them.

Little Princess made a valentine for the soldiers first. She was so cute and excited to be doing it. Then we hurried to the bounce houses. They had a ton set up everywhere. When we heard that Hannah Montana would be arriving soon, we rushed over to the stage to get a seat because Little Princess is a HUGE fan of hers. As soon as she started singing Little Princess came over and said something along the lines of it not being Hannah Montana, just look at her mom! and listen to that voice. She was right, although from where we were I thought the girl looked like her, but surely didn't sound like her. So we went on to face painting and one more round on the bouncy toys.

We had a good afternoon, and despite my disappointment in all the vendors being there, I did get some great info on other programs.

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