Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day with Gramma at the Treehouse

Today we thought we'd take advantage of the last "free day at the zoo" for this season. I picked up Little Princess from her daddy's house and the snow was coming down pretty good. As the minutes passed, more snow kept coming. By the time we got to my mom's house it was pretty slick. We'd pulled out of the driveway and then at the stop sign that we should've turned right to get on the freeway, I decided that perhaps I wasn't up for driving in the snow, and better yet walking through it at the zoo. I turned left instead and suggested the Treehouse for that day. I'm sure glad we did that. It was nice and warm and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Little Man was content to just stay in one place and play. He loved the little town with the cars and trains, however Little Princess knew that there was so much more to see so she didn't want to stay in one place for too long. Next we moved onto the farm area. Again, Little Man just wanted to sit and play with the tractors. The favorite area was hands down the classroom. Little Princess loved playing "teacher" and Little Man made a wonderful student. Before too long, the classroom was full with little minds ready to "learn". It was so cute to watch them all. I really enjoy watching my children play and their completely different personalities shine. Little Princess is a social butterfly. She loves to make new friends everywhere we go and loves to be all over the place. Little Man is more reserved, he's definitely a momma's boy (I LOVE IT) He's shy, but getting a little bit better, he won't scream if you look at him anymore however he will nuzzle his face into my shoulder but also give you a sly little smile. There is nothing more in this world I'd rather be doing than spending time with my kids. I try to teach them, however they teach me so much more. They are my life, my joy! I'm incredibly thankful to my husband for allowing me to stay home with them. Having me work would definitely make our life easier financially speaking, however he is so good to understand my desire to be home with our children that he works with me to lower our standard of living so that I can. I love him and appreciate his efforts!

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