Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's time

It's time for an intervention. Who loves me and cares enough for me to step forward and intervene?

Anything my hand touches, I lose. In December I had this problem with money. My cousin gave me some cash that I put in my pocket...throughout the night I kept checking to make sure it didn't move. Then when I got home to put the cash in a "safe" place, my pockets were empty. I searched the Jeep. Not there. I searched my pockets and found a hole. I retraced my steps coming from the car into the house and around the house...Nothing! Searched the Jeep again. Nothing. Joe searched the Jeep. I called my parents (we had been at their house) and they hadn't seen anything yet, my sweet mom dug through the bags of garbage (oh did I mention it was the family Christmas party with all the extended family) and she found nothing. The next day my mom thought she'd compensate for my loss and gave me some cash plus a little extra. She tucked it in my pocket while I was sitting in the drivers seat so I couldn't lose it. However the pocket she put it in was a small one that I have lost things out of before so I switched pockets. Immediately upon arriving home, it was gone. I frantically searched the car, it had to be there! Nope! By this point I couldn't hold back my frustrations any longer. I cried.

The next day my mom came over and searched my vehicles again. She found the $60 from my cousin deep under one of the seats (where I really did look a bazillion times), but not the $100. Heck, at least she found something. I told her that I did stop at my grandpa's to get a paper from him right after she'd given me the $100. She was on her way to his house after leaving my house, and .....SHE FOUND THE $100. YAY for moms!

The next few months I'd lost things here and there, most of which I eventually found. Then Feb 9th I took the kids to Great Grandma's for her birthday. On my way out the door I snagged the camera. However when we got to gramma's house I left the camera in the car because I forgot it while my arms were full of kids and whatever else. As soon as we got in the door, I mentioned how I'd brought my camera but it was in the car and good thing my grampa had his camera. Then we got home, I didn't want to leave the camera in the car incase (heaven forbid) someone might steal it. I put the strap around my neck, grabbed the baby, diaper bag and my purse. While unlocking the door, the camera swung and hit the door. (proof that I was taking it in the house). Once inside we had to rush to get dressed to get Little Princess off to Preschool. Later that night Lover Boy asked me where the camera was so he could get some pictures....hmmm...where did I put it?
I looked in the kitchen, nope, living room, nope, kitchen again, nope, bedroom, nope. hmmmm.....So I searched the kitchen. I opened every cupboard, drawer. Not in any of them. Not in the pantry. Not in the fridge. Not in the freezer. Not in the garbage. In the living room I lifted every cushion off the couches and chairs. Not under there. I moved curtains and checked the window seals. Not there. I moved furniture. I searched that room for over an hour. And considering how small that room is, that's a very thorough search. Onto the bathroom, perhaps it was still around my neck when I used the bathroom earlier that day. Did the same thorough search in there. Nothing. I searched our linen drawers and cupboards. Tore out all the blankets...grrrr...nothing, so I had to re-fold everything. I checked the kids' rooms. Tore through their drawers, bedding, toys, closet....still nothing! After 3-4 hours of panic and frustration I decided that it had to be here somewhere, I was certain I brought it in the house, I decided to rest in my room...But once I was in there I had to pull out everything. I went through every purse (I have a wall of them) and it wasn't hiding in any of those. I cleaned out the underneath of the bed. Nothing under there but dust. Pulled out everything from the closet. NO CAMERA ANYWHERE!! Sleep was all I could do at that point. I wasn't too worried, it was probably in the kid's closet deep in a toy bin that I didn't dig all the way through.
A few days later I was putting on a pair of boots from my closet and my foot wouldn't quite fit in...well that's because my camera was in there. How on earth did it get there? I don't even want to know.

Well today it's happened again! But this time it isn't something small and camouflage like a dollar bill. It isn't even medium sized like my camera. It's my steam mop.
How does one lose her purple steam mop? Only if your name is Trichelle and you've lost your mind somewhere along the way can this happen to you. Again I have searched everywhere. Not as in depth as when I searched for my camera because this thing is big. Not many places it can be hiding....Ugh. really? really? does this have to happen to me again?

All I can say is: Thank you God for understanding that some of us in this universe aren't as talented in the memory department so I thank YOU for attaching my head to my shoulders, my arms to my torso and making my body something that doesn't require assembly each morning. I have a hard enough time getting dressed properly....Once I went to meet some friends at a club, this club has strict dress code and although I had never been I was fully aware (that is why I have never been, I hate dress codes). I walked in, the security looked me head to toe then back up...then glanced down quickly. Shoes are the least of my concern because my shoe wardrobe consists of 50+ pairs of shoes and no more than 5 pairs are flats. I love "dressy" shoes. However when laughter burst from his lips I glanced down, and there I stood: Hair done, make up over-done, nice blouse, designer jeans....and dirty disgusting stained slippers. I forgot to change from my slippers to some shoes. Fortunately he had a sense of humor and when I explained I had just had a baby 7 weeks earlier he sympathized and let me enter. He must be a daddy and understand that the woman can lose her brain....but aren't we supposed to get it back?


Dixi said...

Oh man! Losing things is the worst! Drives me insane! I cry too! :) Love you!

Dawn said...

to make you feel a bit better....remember when Kevin forgot to put his pants on to go to work? He had his boots on and was ready to go. Thank goodness he was going with Justin and Justin noticed. Don't be so hard on yourself....it runs in the family. :D

Dana said...

I do the same thing!! Right now I cant find my car keys, my house is not that big, I have to unlock the door with my keys to get inside! so where are they?

Mandy and Nate said...

Man I feel your pain. It just seems things like to vanish and then we find them in the craziest places. I didn't think my mind would go bad unil I was at least in my 40's lol. But yeah too late for that.

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh my gosh, this post is hilarious!! I am crying laughing because I swear I lose EVERYTHING!! and I am soooo forgetful! So in my opinion your brain is NEVER the same after kids!! NEVER!!

ashley said...

Totally agree with Krissie, it never comes back. I'm pretty sure once you have kids, you can say goodbye to brains forever!