Friday, February 5, 2010

My boy

My Little Man is growing up far too quickly. I want to cry each time he says another word or walks a bit quicker, out of sadness and joy. He is such a blessing to me and I'm amazed each day watching him.

He is the HAPPIEST baby I know. He is always laughing, and his laugh will make you laugh to where your guts will bust. His laugh sounds so fake and forced but it is how he laughs and in some odd way you know it is his sincere honest to goodness laugh. We were out shopping last night and Little Man had a 3 lb weight in his had that he was lifting (oh-boy I can see it already, he's gonna be a meat-head. lol) then he decided to throw it out the cart at my foot. Luckily I jumped in time and barely missed getting a bruised toe. He laughed and laughed and laughed, at which point how can I avoid laughing? Then I hear a woman (not too close by) laugh and a man join in, was this a coincidence or where they laughing at my boy? Within seconds their heads came popping around the aisle and said "O-my that little boy has the cutest laugh I have ever heard" He really does, it's so deep and LOUD!

The other day I took him and his big sister on their first excursion to the public library. He was tickled pink. He couldn't hold his laughter in his little belly. He laughed and laughed. Every head turned to us, my panic instantly hit that we were being such a disturbance to everyone else and I immediately hushed him...which hushing him doesn't work, he finds that hilarious. He burst out again, and that time I figured I'd let him laugh, maybe it'd brighten someone's day and if anyone had a problem with it hopefully they'd give me a look or come tell me or tell a worker on me. We never were asked to leave so we stayed and I listened to Little Man laugh for 1 1/2 hours. Pure delight!

Little Man is terribly shy! It is one of my favorite things about him. I don't know why, because the opposite characteristic is what I love about Little Princess. His soft head nuzzles deep into my shoulder and tucks his face away, he will try to peek out but clenches onto that fat on my arm...that must be why God gave me that, must be the reason right?...usually when he gets attention while we are out and if he is not being held (ie in a shopping cart, highchair, or walking) he will start screaming! He doesn't like all the attention he gets. But, without fail he will get attention from nearly everyone who sees him or hears him. He's a beautiful little boy and there is no denying it. His big blue puppy dog eyes with eye lashes cleopatra would've killed for make every girl go crazy.

Little Man idolizes his big sister. He loves to play with his cars and "boy" toys while sister is at pre-school, but as soon as she gets home he wants to play with barbies, babies, ponies, pom-poms and make-up, many of which are his idea to play with, it's not like he just wants to join in. When big sister walks into the room Little Man is in, his face beams the biggest smile followed by his boistrous laugh. His first word, well after daddy, was IVY. He adores her and asks for her as soon as he wakes and all day while she is at school. She loves him too and loves to try to help him walk and stand (which he can now do on his own, but she likes to help).

Little Man loves our dogs. Mostly Molly cuz she'll get up in his face and cover him with kisses (which I do have to hold back, because he'll be dripping with slobber but loving it and keep sticking his face right in the line of fire for more, EWWWWW but he loves it so I hold back for about 30 seconds and then call it quits), when Gunner is around Little Man will chase him all over. One of his first 5 words was dog-gy. I love cute.

If you ever need a boost to your day spend 5 minutes (actually it might take more like 30 for him to warm up to you fully) with Little Man. He's a ray of sunshine!


Dawn said...

just reading that post got me laughing because I know exactly what you mean. He is the cutest thing.

Mandy and Nate said...

I can't believe how big he is, what a cutie, love those eyes. We need to get together.

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Oh how I love him!! He is a sweetie Pie!!! I miss you guys so much!! Can't wait until our little rascals can play again!!