Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lovey Dovey Day

I am one of those few people who absolutely loves Valentines Day. I know most people consider it to be a stupid holiday. Who needs a day to celebrate your love? Shouldn't every day be that day? Well, my response to that is: Most Definately!!! However, many of us (and I know I'm not alone) get caught up in the day to day life and sometimes neglect to show our significant other just how much we do love them and appreciate them. I like that there is a day to show this specifically. Now Lover Boy certainly could do without this day, but truth be told, my feelings would be somewhat hurt if he insisted that we not celebrate it. Not that I would take it that he doesn't love me...but he isn't one of those guys who sends flowers or leaves a note here and there; and that is perfectly fine. But a girl does need it once in a while, and once a year works just fine for me!

Lover Boy knows how to show his love to me in so many ways so come Valentines day it makes me heart the happiest that he thinks mostly of the kids. He came home Saturday with
a bouquet of balloons and a game for both children, a monster truck for Little Man and
a stamp set for Little Princess. That alone would've made my Valentine's Day. Hidden were my favorite flowers.
I love all Lilies. Calla Lilies are my very favorite, however the floral shop was out of them, so he got me the Pink Lilies that they had. They were so pretty and I was quite impressed that he remembered which flowers are my favorite. AHHH!

We had such a nice day, however once again let me reiterate how badly I hate sharing my child (yes, I'm very selfish). Little Princess was able to spend the day with her daddy, which I am glad for. She's fortunate to have 2 families who love her and value her. When she came home she was so cute and excited about the balloons. Balloons, they are the best! Little Man loved his monster truck (he loves anything with wheels and this is his first real truck from us, not from the dollar store). He cruised that thing around all day. Little Princess was so excited to use her stamps, however we made her wait one day due to the fact that she was brought home after her bedtime. We all hugged and just enjoyed each other and shared our love.

Lover Boy: I love you insanely!You have taught me so much. Each day I am amazed at the qualities you possess. You are so giving and never ask anything in return. You love me with your whole heart and I KNOW IT! I still feel like we are in the very beginning of our relationship (which we are, know) when the butterflies are in the belly when you walk into the room. I get so excited each day when you call me on your lunch break. I love when I catch you watching me. You are so patient with me, I know I'm not an easy person to live with, to love, to listen to....yet you do without ever complaining. Thank you so much for being my best friend!! Without you I am not whole.

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