Friday, February 5, 2010

Love Letter

TO my dear lovely Spring,

Would you be my valentine? Please come just a bit earlier this year. I promise if you come to spend my days outside, to laugh a little more, to eat healthier fresh foods, to attempt at gardening, to lather myself fully in sunscreen, to take care of my yard this year, to play more with my children! Isn't that bribe good?!! If you can't make our date tomorrow I fear I may be grouchy yet again, sit on my lazy bum, and sulk for my loss. I don't like being stood up, not one little bit. Don't make me beg, I hate to sound clingy and needy, but truth be told: I DO NEED YOU! I need bright color in my life. I'm sick of the white snow, the brown mud, and dingy looking cars driving the roads. I need green grass, blue sky, bright sunshine, freshly washed cars, newly painted doors, flowers blooming, bright colored sandals, and highlights in hair. I must soon hear all my chirpy neighbors, few have moved back but not all of the birdie family yet. I'm yearning for that beautiful music each morning as well as the smell of fresh cut grass, kicked up dirt and mostly a warm spring shower.

Please do not delay your response to my request. I'm anxiously awaiting your reply,

MRs. Impatient.


Dawn said...

very nicely said. :) Love you!

Dixi said...

Aw... I can't wait!