Friday, August 22, 2008


A few weeks ago Joe asked me what I want from him and then what I expect from him. I had to clear that up and tell him that I've always been kind of spoiled or something because what I want is what I expect. (poor guy, huh?!) One of the things that I said was that I want to be complimented....then I changed it and said actually it's something that I need. The ironic thing about that is, I surely don't handle compliments very well. I get an awkward feeling or something and try to brush it off...but I do appreciate the compliment. I don't understand it.

Anyways, Joe really isn't the type of person to give out compliments, every now and then he does, but I want/need them more (maybe it's being prego and really not feeling very attractive ever or something, but I need them more than I was getting them). So a week went by and really not much changed. But gradually they started coming, I think he gives me compliment every day now...and I really feel like they are sincere, not something he's just trying to come up with just for the sake of giving a compliment. It's nice. I'm eating it up and I'm feeling much better about myself.

Joe and I have such open relationship and talk about everything. Neither one of us is afraid to say something to the other. I've learned that it isn't worth holding it in til I explode, because if something bugs me I can try to push it aside but then it ends up bugging me even worse later (and usually it's not even a big deal, but it's built up into one). We get things out while they are minor things, one thing that I really love about him is that he listens and doesn't get defensive or throw something back at me. I've told him some things (that were just my opinion, my side) and he thinks about it and then he changes or whatever. We both work like that with each other. I've never been in a relationship like this with anyone (girl or boy). It's refreshing and we get along better because we know what the other one wants/expects from us.

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Starley Family said...

sounds like a healthy and mature relationship. I am glad you have Joe in your life Trichelle. He sounds like a winner. Happy Birthday and I can't wait to hear how you celebrated!