Friday, August 29, 2008

The sense of a man....

I'm only 30 weeks pregnant. That means I still have 2 1/2 months left. Barely entered my 3rd trimester. I'm bearing a nice round belly, but honestly I don't feel overly huge. With Ivy I carried high and showed a lot more than I am this go-around. I did get comments with her about looking ready to pop and more than once I was told I'd need a C-Section because my belly was so large, but I was slightly farther along than 6 1/2 months.

Just now a man comes in to work and the comment he makes is "Geez, I'd thought you'd have had your baby by the time I came in here again." Uh....Uh....Why thank you mister! All I could say back was "Not unless you weren't planning on coming in til Thanksgiving". (I wasn't offended at this point, just shocked) To which he responds "Oh, there's no way you're serious. You can't go that long."

I just have to chuckle. He obviously has no tact or sense of what's appropriate to say and not to say. LOL. Thank goodness that I'm not offended about that, maybe because I'm not all rounded out everywhere, not retaining water, no swollen extremeties (yet). But I just laugh because some girls really are and how sad if they receive comments like that.

A girl I know saw me a few weeks ago and she'd made a comment about how much weight I'd gained (which at that point I was underweight) and said that it was really showing in my arms and chest (not the part of my chest that would be kinda nice to have grow, but just my chest). I did get a little bit of a complex from her comments...but still I just wait for the day that she experiences pregnancy and the joy of your changing body that you really have no control over.

Silly silly people.


amity said...

People who have not experienced pregnancy have no right to comment. You are such a great sport to put up with stupid people. I agree with you on blog stalking and love reading about you and your life. My friend glanced at your bolg from mine and cannot believe that Ivy is the same age as Addy and her daughter. She is highly intelligent and mature for her age. Love ya.

Shay said...

Oh I am so sorry! People, especially men, can be so ignorant about pregnant woman! When I worked at the bank during my pregnancy, I was probably about 7 months along when this guy came in and after helping him for a few minutes had to stand up, at which point he goes "whoah you've got to be having twins!" What?&*#? Every time I saw him after that I always got the comment "are you sure?" Blah! I feel your pain, hang in there!