Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday night, during Family Night, Justin had the family think about what we would want to be said at our funeral. What type of person would I like to be remembered or known as? It took me a minute to think about it, of course the obvious qualities immediately popped into my head: kind, a good mom, a good friend, etc. As I continued with my single word answers I realized that they aren't just the single word that I want to be. What makes someone kind? Or a good mom? Then my list started to become a little more detailed.

I hope to aspire to:
  • the type of person who will do anything for anyone. Not just when it's convenient for me, but when anyone is in need, and even if it's out of my comfort zone or my specific capabilities (where there's a will there's a way).
  • a mom who teaches her children right from wrong. A mom who loves her children and supports them in everything they do. A mom who listens to and tries to understand her child. A mom who spends time playing and enjoying the simple joy of being with her child and takes advantage of that whenever she can.
  • a compassionate person. I would love to be the person who sympathizes with people without passing an ounce of judgement.
  • a person who hates and despises gossip. A person who doesn't participate, and when gossip is occuring will have the courage to stand up, not only for whomever is being discussed, but for the entire negative situation .
  • a warm and welcoming person. I want to have people love to visit me/ my house/ my family. I want to make others feel that they are loved and cared for.
  • an adventurous person. I want to not get so caught up in everything, but to take time to actually enjoy all that there is in this world. I want to be spontaneous without worrying exactly how everything will pan out.
  • an optimist. The glass is always full (maybe just with air, but still it's full with something). I want to be a person who smiles through everything, who realizes that challenges are adventures that make life that much sweeter in the end.
  • a motivated person. Not a person who needs a push, but one who just does things. A person who doesn't waste talents that they've been given.
  • (maybe this one should be sub listed under another category, but...) a person who is always smiling and laughing. Those qualities are contagious and wouldn't it be awesome if you were the one who started it, everytime?


Dawn said...

I blogged about the same thing, but you put it so much better. I want to be all the things you wrote about too. I'm honored that you think you look like me.:) I think you are so dang cute!

Starley Family said...

'chelle you totally rocked that list. Don't worry you are those and more. Ivy is so lucky to have you to guide her (and this new little guy coming too)! So I booked my flight for late September, maybe we can hangout one night. Lol, Stace