Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She is the Dancing Queen!

Last night we had a wonderful "family night" out. LOL...we'll call it that. Ivy experienced her first concert, she had no clue what a concert was and kept asking if it was at a movie theater. I tried my best to explain it to her, but she was still in for a surprise. Joe and I took her to see James Blunt. She knows every word(well minus the one word in the one song....) to every song. Last year, and for a good part of this year, if you asked her who her boyfriend was she was quick to reply "James Blunt". She recognizes his songs on the radio and often begs for us to put in his CD, that is until we scratched it all up. After I went to the show in Denver in February, I searched for tickets (anywhere) to take Ivy to because I knew she'd love it. But every concert was sold out:(. So when we found out he was opening for Sheryl Crow, I had (HAD) to get tickets for me and her, and of course we'd drag Joe along with us.

At the entrance when we gave our tickets, the man assured Ivy that she was the youngest fan he's ever seen. She thought she was pretty cool and just smiled from ear to ear. We got a slushie and a souvenir T-shirt, both for Ivy and I to share, and headed to our seats. We were amazingly close. I had no idea that I got such good seats...YAY for us! I think there was only 5 or 6 rows in front of us. Opening was a Jamaican band, who the crowd didn't really get into, but Ivy sure did. She danced so cute as soon as she heard their music. She can definitely follow a beat, unlike her mommy. She waved her hands and cheered after every song.

We have a James Blunt DVD at home that she likes to watch, it's his 1973 music video, so she's seen him, but I guess she forgot what he looked like because she leaned over and said "Mommy is that big fat black guy James Blunt?" It was hilarious!

They got the stage set up for James and started playing, but where was James?.....then he came out the center and we both got so excited our eyes were open wide and we just yelled. She was so cute. She made friends with the ladies behind us which turned out to be a good thing because then they didn't care if she stood on her chair to see better as long as she danced so they would still have an "entertaining" view. I sang every song, expecting Ivy to join in with me, but she's just learned to be embarrassed or something because she didn't want everyone watching her sing. Finally towards the end of his performance she was singing, the crowd was more into it at that point and I think she realized they weren't just watching her so much. Joe was such a good sport. He carried Ivy up along the stage on his shoulders so she could see Mr James Blunt up close. He danced with Ivy up on his shoulders for the entire Sheryl Crow performance (well, the entire part that we saw, which was about an hour). We got compliment after compliment of what a cute little girl we had. I have to agree!!

I had to laugh too, Joe, Mr. Metalhead and whatever else you want to call him, attending a James Blunt/Sheryl Crow Concert (and it was his 2nd time seeing James Blunt in 6 months), driving a car with a toddler seat in the back, a prego "Mormon" girl next to him, and listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. LOL!! I told him, if only your parents/friends could see what you've become while in Utah. Hahaha, it is funny to me. But we have a good time:)

Oh and another funny thing happened...A lady and her husband started talking to Joe and I about how cute Ivy was and how much fun they had watching her then the lady was talking to me about other things, and then she asked where I went to High School at. So I told her, and she said she hadn't heard of it, so I told her it was up North of Ogden and figured that was why. Then she asked how old I was, so I answered "27". Then she about choked, she couldn't believe I was so young. She was 37, and I guess she thought I was close to her age. I usually get mistaken for much younger than my age, never have I been mistaken for older, let alone that much older. LOL, I just laughed...she did surprise me though, because I would've thought she was around 30-33. Luckily, I haven't gotten a complex from it yet, and hopefully I won't, I just think it's funny.


Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

You are a way nicer mom than me! Sotera's favorite is Fergie, she probably knows the words to almost every song! Everytime we get in the car she asks to sing a girl can't help it! anyhoo, I still wouldn't take her to her concert, because I don't want to spend the money! Sotera lets go to a movie instead! See so you are way better mom than me! I'm sure Ivy had a blast & even though Joe may or may not admit it, he probably enjoyed himself too! MEN! :)

Melissa said...

Oh how fun! That is so cute that she likes James Blunt! I so wanted to go to that one, but forgot about it lol. Looks like you had a great time!