Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi, my name is Trichelle am I'm a spendaholic

Hopefully admittance and confession is the first step to overcoming a major fault. (crossing my fingers)

I went shopping Monday night with my mom, sister, and Ivy. I thought (thought key word) I was doing pretty good and not gonna end up spending too much....til I checked the receipt. I spent $150 (I'm only admitting to the dollar amount because maybe someday, when my posterity is reading this they will just laugh and say "$150 o-that is nothing, what I would give to spend only $150". hee hee wouldn't that be sad if inflation soars that much?) at one store. I did get a lot, but goodness I don't need to spend that much. So I checked through each item, the 2 maternity tops I'd found for me weren't on sale, return those; hm mm....what to return of the cute baby boy clothes?...My favorite outfit is gonna have to go back, it wasn't on sale either, regardless of how cute it is I can't spend that kind of money on a little outfit that won't be worn for very long.

So, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson...Nope. A true shopaholic/spendaholic doesn't learn her lesson after one "oops".

Yesterday some friends and I headed up to Park City to have lunch for my birthday and shop at the outlet stores. When we hit Osh Kosh, I lost all control. There were so many wonderful deals. Everything was at least 40% off. I had to get some overalls, which I ended up getting 2 pairs. The long sleeve thermal onesies were so cute, and at $5 each, I figured I'd better get at least 2. Then there was some other onesies for a great I got a few more....and then there were some darling little jammies, jogger sets, socks, t-shirts....Oh I just couldn't say no, and I knew that I should, but I didn't. Then I figured I'd better get Ivy something, she'd tried to tell me the night before that baby Zaden didn't need anything more. He could just wear the jammies and shirts that we'd gotten him a few days earlier. She thought I should just go shopping for her and only her. So we found a good deal on some long sleeve shirts for her and tights.

We were doing great, until..."your total is $191" O-my goodness....did I really purchase THAT much? OUCH! But I didn't know what to put back. So I (hopefully in the fashion of all true spendaholics) didn't put anything back. I figured I'd need some serious help deciding what to return, so I'd check with Joe and see what his opinion was on my finds and then if he wasn't any help (which I doubted he would be, he kinda just lets me make the decisions and just goes along with whatever) then I'd call in my mom to help me. She's practical and would be able to help me sort through this disaster I've put myself in.

But one thing I did learn was I do enjoy shopping and buying for others now. I've always been so selfish that I only liked going if I was getting something for myself (which I still am selfish because of course I did buy myself a few things). I had much more fun picking out clothes for Ivy and baby Zaden and Joe and my brother (for family pics) than going for myself, and I would only buy for me if it was on clearance. Although that could totally be because I'm prego and honestly, what looks good on a big belly...yah, not that much fun.

Anyways, I had a really fun time with my girl friends and I'm glad they all were able to go and spend the afternoon with me. Now I must just decide what to take back.....wish me luck!


Photography By Shay said...

Oh, that's too funny. Mike always gives me crap about the stuff I buy and then take back. LOL He says he'll never own a woman's clothing store cuz half the sales come back as returns. LOL (but I tell him that someone else buys what I return so it's ok) ;)

Dawn said...

Oh Trichelle, you are so cute, and rather smart to even notice that you might have a problem! I will be glad to help you decide what needs to go back. But, I am worried I will probably just say to keep it all. I can't go shopping for that very reason. I always find good deals that we just need. :) Love You!