Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recipe for DISASTER


1 sufficiently equipped kitchen

1 recipe

1 Trichelle

1 lack of knowledge


Combine recipe and Trichelle, slowly mix in lack of knowledge (=actual ingredients will differ from that on the recipe). Then put them in a sufficiently equipped kitchen and whisk together. Bake at 350 until done. Let cool.

Presto, there you have it....DISASTER IN THE KITCHEN!

Yes, I am the world's most clueless cook. I've ruined frozen pizza....I forgot to turn on the oven, after an hour and it still being doughy, it finally clicked. I started my mom's kitchen on fire while attempting to cook, who knows what. I've mixed up Baking Soda and Baking Powder and then on top of that did Tablespoons instead of Teaspoons. Now maybe you can understand why I'm a fan of 5 buck pizza, Chinese takeout, and mac & cheese (I've yet to screw up that one...knock on wood).

Last year, my good friend Adam made the most delicious beef enchilada's ever. They were seriously to die for. I've been craving them since. He'd told me when he made them how easy they were, so gullible little me believed him. Last week at my trip to the grocery store, I finally remember to buy a roast. I was so excited to make these yummy enchilada's. Anyways I put the roast in my slow cooker with jalapenos and the juice from the jalapenos (according to the instructions Adam had given me last year) before I went to work. I came home, and the house smelled yummy....anticipation to a very yummy dinner......until I walked in the kitchen and saw my roast! Ugh, it looked awful! Awful, awful, awful. I bought the wrong kind of roast. I don't know what kind I bought, but it was obviously the wrong kind. Honestly, I didn't know there was different kinds of Roast. (I'm gonna have to pull out my favorite cookbook...."Joy of cooking" which explains all of that for us amateur chefs) Anyways, I was devastated. I'd built up not only my hopes for a delicious break from ramen noodles and spaghetti but Joe's too. (shedding a tear or 2 for myself) But Joe, being the perfect optimist that he is, stood and shredded that unshreddable roast. Ivy loved the "chicken" (side note: every meat has to be called chicken in order for Ivy to eat it) though, so that was a plus, in fact she ate 3 or 4 pieces while Joe was shredding and I was wallowing in my failure. But with Joe's encouragement, I continued to finish the enchilada's as if I was using the most delicious shredded beef. We sat down to dinner, and you know what they weren't SO bad. The meat was tough, but the flavoring was right. Joe humored me and said they were the best enchilada's he'd ever had. What a trooper. LOL! I'll post more of my kitchen mishaps as they happen...I've set a goal to cook at least 4 meals a week (not including spaghetti or ramen noodles) so we'll have plenty of good laughs ahead. (I made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup last week....Even Joe's dad clear in CO made fun of the way I was making that....it did turn out, but I know how to do it better and easier next time).

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