Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've fallen in love!

I've been having an itch to get out of the house...However, I don't really feel like doing much other than sitting on the couch on my days off. Last week I decided that I really wanted to check out IKEA. I had not been there yet, can you believe it?
Joe most definitely isn't a shopper. And since my time off is usually his same time off, I'd rather spend the day with him and hadn't even thought of asking him to go with me. He was going to work Saturday so I figured it was my perfect opportunity. I got all hyped up and excited to make the drive to Draper just to "window shop".
Turned out Joe didn't go to work Saturday so I asked if he'd want to go, and you know what he said yes. I really was shocked outta my socks, but still excited. So Saturday morning we went.
Can I just say "WHAT A STORE?!" My mom had told me about a girl who said she could (or maybe she does) hang out there all day long. Well, obviously we could too! The most wonderful thing was that they have a child care facility. It's free and fun! When we first got there Ivy didnt' want to go to the child care, she'd rather shop. After an hour (and we'd barely made it through the kitchen ware) she decided that she wanted to go to "class" (aka child care). So we went and dropped her off (they can stay for one hour). Well you know what, we barely made it through the rest of the main level in that hour, and sadly we did end up having to kind of hurry to make the time. I have to go back and get some rugs, curtain rods, curtains, picture frames, organizing containers, lights, and hardware....that's just from the bottom level mind you.
We get Ivy, who had a blast, and head up stairs. Right when we got off the elevator there was a deli or whatever, so we decided it was time to eat lunch before we ventured off into the rest of the store. Yummy lunch there too!! They had everything from mac & cheese to spaghetti and meatballs to salmon, I think it was all under $7. I was highly impressed.
Upstairs, we started in the children's play area. Ivy could've spent all day playing on the toys, we eventually worked our way into the nursery bedding....I found 4 or 5 sets that I just wanted oh-so badly for baby Zaden, and they surely were reasonable pricing that I almost regret not getting one...but I want to make him one and so I think I'm really just going to bite the bullet and force myself to do something crafty after taking almost a year off. Ivy loved pretending each room was hers, she'd crawl into the bed and ask for a bed time story, unfortunately all the books were in some language other than english so I couldn't read her those books. We spent another 3 hours up there. Yes folks, I made Joe and Ivy stay in that store for 5 1/2 hours. What troopers!!
Best part of the day, neither of them complained once. It was so much fun pretending what we are going to have in our house someday. I think they both enjoyed it just as much (well maybe not just as much, but...) as I did. It's funny how predictable I must be, Joe walked over to one room ahead of me and said, "Trichelle, this one screams your name, you're gonna love it. It's got you written all over it". Sure enough, It was definately my favorite room. I had to take a few pictures of it so I could figure out if it'd work in the space that I have, I'm sure it will, I will make it. We have totally different tastes, but Joe's so easy going that he says it's up to me. What a nice guy:) So I decided the least I could do is let him design the TV room, since that's his passion, movies and computer. So we will have a very nice TV room with more modern styling...someday!
Once we got home and I was sharing our awesome buys with my mom, I realized that I could go right back tomorrow and go through the entire store again, taking just as much time. How sad is that?
So my favorite store has changed, sorry Home Depot you lost spot number 1.

I had to have this super cute canopy for baby zaden's room. It was the perfect colors....and I just love the atmosphere it will create:)

Ivy just had to have these cute children's dishes, which I agree. These won't break so we should get them:)
Ivy says she can share with baby Zaden because some of the colors are for boys...Perfect. LOL!

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Chad, Krissie & Sotera said...

I think it's pretty funny that you spent 5 1/2 hours in IKEA. But it is true every time I go I spend at least and hour and a half & I don't see everything! You are way nice to let Joe decorate at all. I have always told Chad that I AM THE DECORATOR so get your Broncos crap out of here!!!!!