Friday, August 22, 2008

More Ivyisms

Yesterday Joe and I went in together to pick up Ivy from Daycare. Joe has never been before but I took him so we could add his name to her file so that he can pick her up when I have to stay at work later. Anyways, one little girl, Maddie told Ivy "someones here to pick you up Ivy". She always lets Ivy know when I arrive. Ivy asked "is it my mommy?". Maddie said no it was someone else. Then she asked "is he your brother?" Ivy started laughing, "NO! Joe's not my brother." To which Maddie asked, "then who is he?". "He's my friend!" Ivy said, in an almost snotty voice. It was so cute. I'm sure that this whole situation is confusing to poor little Ivy. But I think she understands it better than most little kids would. She's referred to Joe as her "other Daddy" and "her friend". She refers to Martha (her step-mom) in the same way. I think it's sweet.

The other night we were at the dr. for my check up. My dr. used to work with my Aunt Shari and they were pretty good friends, from what I gather. Anyways, Ivy was talking and then broke into a big smile. Karen (my dr) looked and then blinked hard and looked again. She said that Ivy is definately a Ropelato, and that she looked just like Shari when she smiled. I had to remind Ivy who Aunt Shari was, and she did remember, Ivy thought it was so neat that she looked like Aunt Shari. Now in the mornings when I'm doing her hair she'll ask me "Do I look like your Aunt?" She also reminds me that I need to call Aunt Shari and tell her that Ivy looks like her. She's just so proud!

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