Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adult Time

BAM...BAM...We had a heart thumping, head banging, kids screaming, arms waving, toe smashing, arm-pit stench smelling good time!

One of Lover Boys favorite bands, All That Remains, came to Salt Lake tonight so of course we had to go. He's suffered through 2 James Blunt concerts with me, so I thought I guess I owe it to him to go to one of his bands concerts...Let me just tell you I'm so glad that I did!!

Sergei had never been to a concert before and he loves this band too so the 3 of us went. We walked in and I instantly felt incredibly old. The kids there were SO young. There was one child with his parents, I'm not kidding he had to be Little Princesses age and not to pass judgement but...who would take their child to that concert. This isn't just a rock concert, it's a METAL ROCK concert; screaming and scary gruffy voices (which I will admit was pretty amazing listening to live), kinda not something I'd take the kids to and obviously didn't.

Lacuna Coil opened and I was stunned. She has the most amazing voice!! It was a nice mix of a soft feminine voice with some guy screaming and singing with an equally amazing voice. I just stood and stared at her, she is very talented and simply beautiful. This band is from Italy and funny thing is, I thought the man looked Italian, he kinda had one of those big Italian snouzers on his face...I'm gonna be getting their songs put on the Ipod ASAP, love them!

Then All That Remains entered. SO not what I expected. The singer came out all preppy looking, cargo shorts, blue sleeveless shirt with huge biceps, and a ball cap. His voice is soothing, that is until he starts into that screaming. The crowd was crazy, I felt like a giant. Those kids heads were only up to my chin, but that didn't stop them from moshing with the big boys. They jumped right in with 6' + guys and went wild. So funny to watch. Lover boy serendaded every song to me, which I absolutely loved. He really has such a good voice so hearing it in my ear was just delightful.

As we walked out of the theater the lobby was filled with parents picking up their kids. It made me laugh, am I really that old? hahaha

I thoroughly enjoyed my night with Lover Boy and Sergei. It was fun seeing them get so excited and have so much fun, and of course I had fun too:)

Friday morning: I just went and picked up the kids from my mom's house and she informed me that my dad spent a few hours yesterday with the band!!! AAAHHH! Lover Boy and Sergei are gonna be insanely jealous when I tell them.

All That Remains trailer broke down or something so they stopped at good old TJ Trailers to get it repaired. So my dad was able to spend a little bit of time talking with them. Too bad I wasn't working yesterday, LOL.

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Mandy and Nate said...

Sounds like a fun time. Man can't remember the last concert I went too. What fun to get out and do something. Glad you guys had fun.