Monday, October 5, 2009

A simply wonderful day!

First off, thank you all so very much for all of your comments and support on the situations with Little Princess and her daddy.

I feel that I probably didn't clarify very well exactly what he was asking...He just wanted to rotate roles. He would have her "live" with him, and I would have visitation rights. I thought and thought and prayed about how to approach this. I knew in my heart that there was no way that I could actually switch roles...but I definitely did want to make sure that I wasn't being selfish and get some facts about children and moving between households, etc.

After much thought and contemplation on the subject I came up with an idea. Things would stay just the way they are now, except her daddy could have a few extra hours each day that he takes her...I figured up how many hours she spends at each household that way and I only ended up with 8 extra hours in a week. Wahoo, now is that "fair" or what?! Immediately after writing up the plan, with hours tallied and it fully explained for him, I text him and asked him to call me when he got a second. He immediately called, I approached him by letting him know that I'd done much thought about Little Princess's living arrangements...and then he cut me off. He said that he was being selfish, that once he sat down and looked at things the way they are, that he realized I was right, that we really do divide the time very evenly. He told me that he appreciated the fact that he does get so much time (by law he only has rights to 2 hours during the week and then rotating weekends). He had spoken to his mother after our "meeting" and told her what he'd asked and that my response was so mature (see some of us do get pass it...sometimes at least). He didn't out right say it, but I assume his mother said something to the fact of "little girls need their moms more than their dads"; because he said he realized that while speaking with her. I don't honestly know how true that statement is, but I like to think it is true too (just seems logical).

PHEW!! What a relief!! Seriously you have no idea the relief I felt, NONE at all...a terribly huge weight has been removed from my shoulders. You know he is a great guy, but the fear of telling him "no" then made me afraid that what if he presses this issue, what if he takes it to court, what if the court grants his wish, even though in Utah the Mom is more favored, we don't have jobs currently in this house and how would that look? I didn't think he would take it that far, but sometimes fear just get your mind racing and going every which way.

What a delightful conversation it turned out to be. He was very appreciative and supportive and complimentive. I'm so glad that I called him before meeting with the school psychologist later this week about the matter and getting facts from her, now it's over!

As for the rest of the day, I got 6 loads of laundry done, kitchen completely cleaned, and car cleaned out. Lover Boy put a pot roast in for dinner that is smelling quite delicious and I cannot wait to eat.

Tomorrows project is a biggy. I've got a crafting area in the basement that now doubles as Molly's room (we moved her kennel in because it's sad to watch her shiver out in the cold) that is a disgusting mess...Honestly I don't know how I get to be such a slob, it simply amazes me though...But by tomorrow night it will be much better. I've charged my battery in the camera so there will finally be pictures to post. :)



Stephanie said...

Ivy is so lucky to have so many people in her life that love her so dearly. I'm glad your weight has been lifted.

amity said...

what a blessing to have resolved the issue. it is true that little girls need their moms more than their dads. i am so happy for you!!!

you never cease to amaze me. i cannot believe all you accomplished in your day. you a an amazing little homemaker!!

as for the craft day - i would love to. please email or call me with yours and ivy's schedule and we will have to find a day that we can get together and let the girls play while we play also. that sounds like so much fun!!! something we could probably both use.

Dawn said...

Good, good! Daniel really is a good guy and I'm glad he took the time to think things through. Of course children need their moms more! (I think so! or maybe it's that mom's need their children more than the dads do) You got your messy habits from me. :) Sorry, but that's what you know. I've been cleaning too and am going to the bathroom cupboard today. Happy cleaning!

Melissa said...

Oh that's so great to hear Trichelle. I'm glad things worked out!

AlexFam said...

Great to hear that everything worked out calmly.

Speaking of crafts...I really missed your craft botique this year. Your super cute ideas are the best!