Saturday, October 31, 2009

One year older and wiser too....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

A week or so ago we received a delightful call from Lover Boy's sister, Aunt Angela, asking us if it'd be ok if she came in town to spend Little Man's first Halloween with us. DUH, of course we would absolutely love it!! We canceled our other plans that we had for Halloween with friends and we're just so excited to have Aunt Angela come in town. About a week before she was coming, we were informed that their Dad would be coming too!! What fun!!

Little Man's birthday is 2 days after Halloween and we were planning on celebrating it on Sunday, Nov 1st so that my parents could be here for it (they were going out of town on the 2nd), but then when we got the exact days that Aunt Angela and Papa Joe would be here we decided to celebrate Little Man's birthday one day earlier, on Halloween, so they could be a part of the celebration.

I had big plans on how to do a fun themed party for him, but with life being life right now I didn't do the theme, which will be fine and we'll do it another year when he'll understand and be able to participate in the games. We just had balloons for decor, a happy birthday banner, and then I hung some pictures of him throughout this first year of his life. It was simple, but worked.

We were so happy that everyone except the Grandma's in Colorado and Great Grandma Ropelato was able to make it. Little Man's fever was still there, but would go right away with Motrin, so we kept him drugged up so he'd be in good spirits.

First we had pizza and veggies, while everyone got comfy (or squished). Then we did presents.
He had so many gifts, and wasn't into the whole unwrapping them and tearing through the paper. Thank goodness for big sister to save the day and be more than willing to step in and take over...Luckily for Little Princess before the party, Papa Joe and Aunt Angela got her some gifts to make her feel special too.:)

After presents, we sang "Happy Birthday" and brought in Little Man's very own cake. He didn't know what to think about that, it took a few minutes for him to dig right in and when he was done he let us know by pushing it onto the floor.
There was a big mess of cake so Lover Boy treated the remainder of our family that we left outside, our 2 doggies, to the left overs. Molly loved it and cleaned it all up.

My little baby boy is so big!! ONE YearR OLD! WoW!

My dear Little Man:
I've never been the type of person to just hold a baby constantly and not ever want to let go until the day you were born. I was so happy to have you. You were my rainbow in my life that had been lost and confused. You brought me so much happiness that first time I held you! It felt as though I was a first time mommy again. I couldn't believe the little miracle that you were. You were beautiful, a miracle. I wouldn't let the nurses take you to the nursery to sleep, you had to sleep with me. I really couldn't imagine you being away from me. You have continued to be one of my rays of sunshine. Your sweet smile each day just makes all troubles seem so insignificant. I love watching you grow and develop. My heart beams when I watch you and your big sister interact. I get chills constantly the instant she walks in a room and your entire face lights up and your chubby little legs start kicking in excitement to see her. What I really love, even though I sometimes sigh in frustration about it, I thoroughly love that you are such a momma's boy. It makes my heart happy that you just want mommy if I'm around. You are so sweet when you are playing and see me and crawl right on over to me and snuggle up to me, even though it's brief, I love that little snuggle. You have the ability to make everyone smile. You are so happy and love to laugh. Your laugh is contagious. You have a full hearty laugh that comes from your gut and no one can resist it. You will forever make people smile and happy. I love you busy little boy!!


Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!! I can't believe you are one already!!! We just love you & can't wait to see you soon!!

Natalie said...

He is such a cutie and so fun! He's just always happy and smiling!

Dawn said...

What a blessing that little man has been. He's so cute!

Mandy and Nate said...

I can't believe your baby is already one. What fun he is so cute.

Bayrak said...

great photo