Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday's and sundae's

Here I sit on the couch watching television, bundled in not only a blanket, but those favorite long sleeve T-shirts with a comfy hoody on and slippers. Ahh...I love this time of year. It is simply delightful, is it not?

I just got home, from what should've been a wonderful steak dinner at my parents. About half way through the meal, I started to get queasy, then my head was spinning and every noise was amplified, it surely doesn't help when there are 11 people and one of them is my squeeling Little guess is a migraine was coming. I felt sad to rush myself and the kids out of the house but, when a migraine comes in this head of mine I black out and vomit and let's just say it's SO not a pretty sight. I threw some Ibuprofen in my mouth and whisked crying babes out to the car. Luckily I didn't have to pull over due to black out or vomit! We made it home safely and after resting on the couch for 2 hours I'm feeling back to normal. YAY!

My busy body crafting frenzy mood did not escape me last night while I slept...another HOORAH right here! Having motivation is a treat for me, I savor it!! It's better than ice cream, better than pie, and yes, it's even better than brownies...ahhh brownies! Sometimes I wonder if I suffer from ADD or ADHD, however it usually only occurs when food is my distraction.

SOoooo...for my projects:

My Gramma Ruthie gave me a darling little kitchen cupboard that was my mom's when she was little. She'd given it to me 2 years ago, but I of course lacked the motivation to do anything to it. Finally a few months ago I painted it...then I found some super cute and oh so perfect scrapbook paper that I just HAD to incorporate into it somehow. One of the glass was broken for the cupboards, we were planning on just getting it replaced, but then I feared the kids breaking it again...I opted for curtains:) It turned out so cute and fun, I love it (even if you aren't impressed, I don't mind cuz I know it's my style and many people don't like that). Anyways there were just a few things that I needed to finish on it, and I did that today.

Then I found some cute fabric in my stash and so I had to change the sleigh that I put together for my mom and use the fabric in there...Much better with the fabric:)

The other day I had seen a cute idea on another blog with bats and masks...I went outside and gathered some branches that have fallen from our tree to make myself a halloween tree and then proceeded to make some decorations of bats and masks for it. This seemed like such an easy simple project...WRONG. It took me 5 hours, but you know what it's ok. I like my halloween tree and it gave me something to do today.

Now it's time for me to get to bed...Lover Boy has his test tomorrow and he's terribly nervous (if you could just see him, it's so apparrent, I feel so sad for him) so I think I better give him a back rub to help soothe his nerves....hmmm....just occured to me that I must be nervous for him to, hence the migraine earlier. I only get migraines when I get stressed....interesting.


Dawn said...

I'm glad you were't sick for long. I hope everything goes good for Joe today. (maybe he should pray.(:) I'm praying for him! Good Luck with it all and I love your crafts. DARLING!

Chad, Krissie, Sotera & Slade said...

Could you please just give me that kitchen cupboard??? I would stay your best friend for life!!! LOL!! also, could you just mail me that Halloween tree??? You know I love all the things you make!! your house is so lucky to have you!!!

Stephanie said...


AlexFam said...

No fair!!!! I'm already missing your fall botique projects and now you post these super cute ideas. You're killing me girl!

Good luck to Joe!

Mandy and Nate said...

Love that Halloween tree!! Man I wish I could do the cute things you do!! Love it all.

amity said...

you are so creative!! i love your cupboard!! so cute! i can relate to the migraines. nothing is worse especially when you have to be a mom.