Monday, October 12, 2009


Little Princess had her first homework assignment. She was given a large white paper and told to do whatever she would like to it to let her class know about her and her family. She wanted to just draw pictures on it. She drew herself, Little Man, her other brother Alan, her Daddy, Mommy, Daddy Joe, and Mommy Martha. Then she traced one of her puzzle pieces because she loves to do puzzles. She drew a square in it with Mickey Mouse's head because her favorite is Disney Channel. She also drew some books. She loves to read!! And she started reading on her own one day at Lowe's.

We were in Lowe's getting some paint and she looked at the wall and said "C-O-L-O-R-S, Mom, does that say colors?" I was astonished!! "Yes, yes it does Little Princess, how do you know that?"
"Well, because it starts with C and then O then L then O then R then S." Can you believe this kid? She's only 4!! Geez...maybe by the time Little Man is ready for bedtime stories, she'll be reading them to him. (we've tried reading to him, but he's not at all interested.:( )

Back to her homework...When she was at Preschool they had her draw another picture of her family. When I arrived to pick her up they invited me to look at her picture. Lover Boy looked like a pig on it, so of course I asked "Little Princess, did you make Daddy Joe a pig cuz you think he eats alot?"
"No mom, that's his teeth cuz he always likes to show me his teeth". She had drawn a zigzag through his mouth, duh of course it was teeth! So funny. Can't wait to bring that picture home and frame it. :)

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