Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids Halloween Party

Little Princess was thrilled to see her name along with Little Man's on an envelope left in our door. We had to hurry to open it, once open it revealed a Halloween party announcement. Excitement went throughout the house. You'd have thought the Grand Duke arrived with a letter inviting us to the Royal Ball.

Finally the day arrived to get dressed up and go. Unfortunately Little Man just started cutting teeth that morning and was running a slight fever, nothing a little Motrin can't handle. We got all "fancied" up and headed to the party.

My cousins did an amazing job! For $1 a child everyone was served a bowl of yummy yummy soup, rolls, and soda; then they had activities like decorating a sugar cookie, making a trick or treat bag, guess the monsters body part (you stick your hand inside a paper bag and try to guess what body part is inside), a blindfolded hunt through a bucket filled with popcorn for treasures.

Little Princess loved it. She was so excited to everything, however Little Man's fever started kicking back in while she was decorating her cookie, so we hurried and left. There were so many kids and families and everyone there had a wonderful time. I'm sad we had to skip out early but we did:(

Aren't the kiddos so cute?!! Little Princess is Morticia Adamms and Little Man is a wigger Dracula. The costume got dried (which it's not supposed to) so the hair turned into a fro, hence the name wigger Dracula.

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