Friday, October 23, 2009

A new roommate

We have a roomie!! Sergei moved in with us last week. He'd been wanting to move out of the house he was renting a room in for about a month. Since he started mentioning it I'd thought ok if Lover Boy asks, of course Sergei can move in with us. He's here every night anyways to have dinner, he's very handy and likes things to get done quickly, he'd give Lover Boy someone to talk to about computer stuff, cuz we all know I don't get it.

But Lover Boy never suggested it. Our house is full. It's 4 very small bedrooms, so each kid has their own room, then theirs our room, and the 4th room is the playroom because the bedrooms are so small there really isn't much room for toys at all. One night for who knows what reason, I blurted it out, "Why doesn't Sergei move in with us?". Lover Boys eyes lit up, obviously he'd thought of it, just didn't want to ask. I'm kinda mean and scary you know. He immediately called Sergei and offered him our house. Sergei came over the next day and said he'd move in the following day. YIKES! I needed to clean out the toy room and find somewhere for all those toys. We threw them all up in Little Princess's room. I eventually got them moved into the joint closet between her room and Little Man's. It's tight in there, but it works.

I do miss the toy room. It was my way to be a lazy mom. Stick the kids in their, pull out some toys, close the door and do my thing. LOL. But really that was the way at least 2 hours a day were spent. These pictures are of one day when I put Little Man in there alone. We had to take the door knob off because the door would jam and it'd lock the kids in there, so now I had a spy hole...look at how cute, he's just in there playing.

Well Sergei is moved in and getting settled. It's been such a blessing already having him here. He's tore out some walls in his bedroom and is re-sheetrocking them and adjusting the wiring. The financial help is obviuosly a major blessing, especially in time for the Christmas season. And he helps us with groceries. Sergei is an amazing person and we're all so happy to have him be a part of our family!

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