Friday, September 18, 2009


this kid of mine just completely cracks me up sometimes:

scene: Mani/Pedi night in the basement while watching none-other-than Hannah Montana, Little Princess had a few mess ups on her nails that I painted, then as she is painting mine the dialog went like this

Mom: wow princess you sure are good at painting my nails aren't you?
Little Princess: Mom, I'm way better at this than you are huh? You wanna know why? Cuz I was born to do this. (her head cocked a circle and everything.

After threatening Little Princess about cleaning up her toys because if she doesn't then mommy will and mommy throws toys out when she has to pick them up...She stormed to her room, so I took it upon myself to clean up her toys in a garbage bag (truth be told, there is no way I would actually throw them in the garbage because I paid for them, but they would disappear for a while in the garage). When I came upstairs she was upset and said "This thing sure doesn't feel like a family, nope I don't think we're a family anymore. Moms are NOT supposed to act like that and throw away little girls' toys."

"Mom, I really need you to get Zaden so I can practice my break-dancing moves."

"I'm serious, no really I am!"

On Little Princess's first day of preschool I told her to have fun and be nice. Then she said "Mom, you forgot something....MAKE FRIENDS"

Little Princess: Mommy? You know Beau? Well he doesn't like anything.
Mom: Who?
Little Princess: You know mom, my cute little friend Beau, the cutest little friend at church?

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Brax said...

love it love it it! that is my little mexican niece......that i happen to LOVE