Sunday, September 13, 2009

Face lift

Our home is hidden by some wonderful trees. I actually love my trees and that is one thing that drew me to this house. However they must be trimmed. We have a few branches that reach clear to our front porch and you have to dodge them walking up the stairs. In the fall the leaves make a beautiful mess of our yard, but raking them is no fun chore. Today Lover Boy decided would be a great day to trim so of the trees when I said that I was going out to mow the lawn. He cut and cut and cut some more. Little Princess enjoyed dragging the branches to the drive way to be thrown in the garbage. I wish so badly I'd have taken a before and after picture, but I did not. But take my word, it looks amazingly better. We will be planting more grass seed in early October to help thicken the grass and get some grass where cars are trampled it and no longer grows along the driveway. Perhaps next year we will have a beautiful yard...perhaps.

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