Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smarty pants

When I was picking up Little Princess from school today, the teacher pulled me aside and informed me that they did evaluations today in the class. They gave the children a test depending on their age.

Teacher LaVonne told me (as if I had no clue) that Little Princess is very smart and advanced for her age. They gave her the test for the year older because she is the biggest child in the class and she's so smart. After the child takes the test they have to put down the child's age, in months, on the test. They noticed that they had given her the wrong test. But when they graded them she had scored the highest even out of the older children.

Right after having this discussion with Teacher LaVonne, who is an assistant teacher, Teacher Morgan came in, the actual teacher, and told me the same thing. She let me know that they were very impressed and would work with her according to her capabilities and not according to her age. I'm so glad that she is in this awesome Pre-School. The teachers all have their bachelor's degrees and are very well prepared and know how to teach for children with different capabilities.

Proud moment for me:)

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