Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zing Zang ZOOM!

I really enjoy taking my children to activities that I loved as a child. I remember my parents taking us to the circus a few times so when I received the email informing me that Barnum and Bailey were coming to town again I got the discounted tickets for opening night for our family. We've learned to not tell Little Princess about things, but to surprise her.

Surprise it was! She kept asking while we were walking in the doors what it was, then she saw the pony souvenir cups, elephant toys, and all the other paraphernalia and guessed they'd brought the zoo to the stadium. Good guess huh?! Seeing how she'd never been to a circus before, how was she to know? She loved it. Little Man sat so still in amazement at all the activity going on below us. Lover Boy isn't such a fan of silly things like that, but he's such a good sport because he always goes and never complains. It turned out to be a pretty long night. Little Man usually goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. So being out passed 9 was a bit rough on him towards the end. We ended up buying a light toy that spins, the ones that you'd think were made of gold because of the price tag for that quality toy. But sometimes it is worth it. It kept Little Man entertained and able to sit for the remainder of the show, and Little Princess was so excited just to get something/anything. I remember being that way too. When you go out you of course want a souvenir especially when they are being offered every which way you look.

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