Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missionary discussion #1

Thursday afternoon, Lover Boy and I were taking a break from the house. We were sitting on the front porch while Little Man took his nap and Little Princess was at preschool. We enjoy sitting on the porch and enjoying the scenery. You might laugh at that knowing where we live, but we do enjoy watching the cars pass by, the handicap neighbor across the street get so excited watching "Aaairplaaane" fly by, other neighbors across the street practicing baton twirling (which we recently discovered is a fire stick that he does incredible things with), strangers stopping by next door to check out the house for sale.

Well this particular afternoon, the missionaries were riding their bikes up the hill. They saw us and of course I waved; which I guess was a welcoming gesture for them. They approached us and asked if we had a belief in Jesus Christ. I confirmed my belief and briefly explained that Lover Boy doesn't believe nor does he have the desire. We talked briefly and they asked if they could come by Friday and give a discussion. Lover Boy of course was not interested but told them he would be present so they could talk with me, but he warned them that he would be playing games on his phone or computer while they talked.

I do not need the discussions. I have a testimony, I'm sure I know all that they will teach me, yet I couldn't decline their offer. They are just so sweet and eager to share the gospel. After they set up the appointment they left. I apologized to Lover Boy and assured him that I will not push anything on him and thanked him for being polite to the missionaries.

While talking to the elders, I couldn't help but think of my brother Braxton who is on his mission. One of the elders just reminded me of him so much. He was full of smiles.

Friday came and so did the missionaries. They taught about the restoration of the church. We laughed because Lover Boy had just a few nights earlier watched South Park when he couldn't sleep and the episode was about the restoration. So he's seen South Parks version and "heard" the missionaries brief version.

I felt a little awkward receiving the discussions...I didn't know how to act, I've learned all that they taught and kept trying to bring Lover Boy into the discussion, but then realized that I had promised him not to do that. We scheduled a second meeting for Monday afternoon. I think I will cancel, but counter-offer with Dinner. I don't want to push a religion on Lover Boy. He knows that when he has questions he can ask me or my family.

I fear pushing it will ruin our marriage and relationship. Someday it will become an issue, of that I am sure. We have discussed this many times. When I first found out I was pregnant we sat down and really talked about everything. I assured him that one day I will NEED to return to church and that I will have the desire to take my family with me. Lover Boy is so wonderful because he understands that and supports it. He said he will draw the line however when our children are old enough to decide for themselves and request to not go; he said I cannot force it upon them. I agreed that was fair in our circumstances, and a generally good idea for anyone to follow. So....prayer will be the means by which I will know how to handle everything.


Dawn said...

just keep loving lover boy. That's the most important thing. :)

Brax said...

that blog made my day. love you "shall"