Friday, September 25, 2009

My new favorite thing...

So I have loved loved loved scrapbooking in the past, however when life gets busy it's hard for me to have the desire to get everything out, think about how I'd like to do a page, then spend the time doing it and then having to clean it up. You know though, once I just get in the mood I completely enjoy myself. It's relaxing and rewarding to me. I know everyone is big into digital scrapbooking, but since I'm so far behind on technology things I haven't yet ventured in that direction. For now, I just like cutting, cropping, pasting, punching, stamping and all the "dirty" work. hahaha the irony in that statement because I just said how it's hard for me to get motivated due to the "dirty" work. LOL.
But because scrapbooking can seem so overwhelming to me; I'm so far behind; I've decided that I prefer making cards. It's so fun. So here's just some pictures of the Thank You's that I made for the wedding. I had them sitting around finished for like 3 months (yes I know that's as long as I've been married) and finally got around to sticking them in the mail. Have I ever mentioned I'm a professional procrastinator; if it were a job I would be at the top of the pay scale....Now, how can I try to convince somebody that being a procrastinator is a good quality?! LOL

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Mandy and Nate said...

Thought these were so cute. Thanks a bunch!!