Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today was delightful was it not? I woke to hear pitter patter on the swamp cooler and Little Man cooing in his crib. Quickly got dressed and ran out the door to pick up Little Princess from her daddy's house. I was so excited when I stepped out and saw the puddles filling my broken driveway and sidewalk, the glisten on the grass, and the gray in the sky. I love love LOVE rainy days. Little Princess didn't have school so we were all able to enjoy the day together. Yesterday I had told Little Princess that the weather man predicted snow for today, so as soon as she was in my arms she asked where it was...I told her that it was in Salt Lake so of course she begged me to take her to Salt Lake, I told her maybe another day we could do that when there would be more snow and it'd be funner, like when they do the lights at Temple Square.

We made pancakes for breakfast, which Little Princess did all the work; she measured, stirred and flipped the pancakes. I will hopefully be able to teach her to enjoy cooking. We sure did enjoy eating them:)

Shortly after cleaning up breakfast and the rest of the house, we piled in the car to run a few errands. Our first stop was the credit union. As soon as we pulled in the drive-through Little Man began vomitting. Fortunately for me my children are not really pukers, but also it scares me when they actually do. This was his first time, it was all over so Lover Boy dropped me and the kids off at home so we could clean up while he finished the errands. Little Man had 2 more bouts of throw up:( Poor Little Man.

So for the remainder of the day we had a very lazy day. We watched Disney Channel all together and then a movie while stuffing our faces with candy, except Little Man of course, he just sipped his Pedialyte.

I chickened out on the panty idea...sorry friends. Little Princess just wanted so badly to help me with dinner before her daddy picked her up that I felt it would be quite inappropriate, so instead we wore fun headbands. Panties will have to wait for a special "alone" night, or just another night that she'll be with her dad and won't insist on helping me with dinner.

We decided that with the weather we would do Chicken Noodle Soup. Lover Boy's dad had made fun of me a year ago when I made my first homemade Chicken Noodle Soup...I cooked everything seperately. I didn't want to use the chicken stock because of the nasty foam it gets on it...Since then I've tried to use it but it just disgusts me: WELL, tonight I used it and boy oh boy was it the best batch I've made...guess that is the trick. YUMMY.

PS Little Man is doing much much better. We kept him on the Pedialyte and there were no more incidents with vomit.

PPS: I've been procrastinating at charging my battery for my camera so it is never ready when I'd like to take a picture. Patience with me will be greatly appreciated, I will post pics soon:)


Dawn said...

I love the rain too. I'm glad you had a lazy day together. Glad "little man" is feeling better too.

amity said...

i love, love, love rainy days also. especially when you can stay home and do nothing. i love hearing about your episodes of cooking they are so entertaining. your are an awesome mother for letting your little one help. i hope your baby is feeling better. there is nothing worse than sick kids (except sick husbands). all in all it sounds like a good day.