Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Last year and then again this year my family has gone up to Bear Lake for Labor Day. This year they got a condo and we all went up. Justin and his family didn't make it because they go camping with Natalie's family that weekend; and I'll be a brat here for a minute, thank goodness they didn't go cuz we had a full house:) But really we wish they could've been there with us, just would've made them sleep outside. lol.

We had fun riding on the boat, playing at the beach, playing on the playground, riding wave runners, swimming in the pool, and attempting to play tennis. I quickly learned that I am definitely not a tennis player. I somehow hurt my thumb, my knee, and toe. The racket just wouldn't go where I thought in my head I was sending it.

We had a nice time relaxing...Little Man didn't do so good sleeping up there. He'd wake up, which is just what he does every night, and fuss for longer Monday night, I was done. He'd gotten allergies or something Monday while we were out on the boat and was miserable. He couldn't sleep at all. I was up pretty much the entire night trying to cuddle with him and help him get comfortable...but about 5:00 a.m. I was exhausted (it is exhausting worrying about if everyone else in the place is waking up from my fussy baby, and then just being up all night wore me right out). I nudged Lover Boy and told him to get up and that we needed to go home. We quickly and quietly got our things and children loaded into the car and drove home. be home felt so good. Baby slept great, mommy slept great. Funny thing is, I knew we'd left a few things behind so I called my dad around 8 or 9 to let him know and thank him for the super fun weekend and he didn't even know we had left. HA, our prescence is so impacting!

It was a great weekend and a fun time with the family:) I love family time.

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